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Code smells, essential JS functions, var vs let vs const, and why Babel matters
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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 235 — June 5, 2015
A great 30 minute talk by Elijah Manor showing off a variety of code smells (a symptom in source code of other underlying problems) and possible resolutions for them.
Elijah Manor

Short, useful functions aimed at front-end developers to do things like match a selector, get an absolute URL, or prevent a callback from being called multiple times within a certain timeframe.
David Walsh

ES6 lets us use three different explicit variable declaration techniques: var, let and const. Reg digs into their use and sees when they can replace one another.
Reg Braithwaite

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Babel mostly transpiles ES6 code into ES5 code that can run in today’s browsers, but also performs other optimizations. This post includes a compelling example of why it’s such a big deal.
Charles Pick

Jack sees pre-compilation becoming the default, the rise of libraries over frameworks, the popularity of ES7, and more.
Jack Franklin

Enabled in the latest Chrome, the Web MIDI API is here to play with. Here’s a quick look at how to do that from JavaScript.
Keith McMillen Instruments

A chat about Visual Studio’s recently improved Node.js support followed by a practical dive into creating a deploying an Express app using VS. (40 minutes.)
Channel 9


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