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Eich on WebAssembly, TCO, native vs Underscore, a look at React's performance, and more.
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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 239 — July 3, 2015
Eric Elliott discusses the details of the recently announced ‘WebAssembly’ with JavaScript’s creator.
Eric Elliott

Axel goes into some depth to explain what TCO is, how ES6 offers it, and what benefits it provides.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

A look at performing typical Underscore supplied operations using native ES5, ES5.1, ES6/ES2015 and ES7/2016.

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A sort of gamedev answer to TodoMVC where the same Breakout game is implemented on 12 different JavaScript game frameworks so you can compare them.
Matt Greer

“LOC is pretty much irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if the module is one line or hundreds. It’s all about containing complexity.”
Sindre Sorhus

Sebastian McKenzie, creator of Babel, gave a talk at JSConf on how JavaScript transformation and ES6 can help improve developer workflow and how it can futureproof your code.

Angular core team member Marcy Sutton talks about testing accessibility automatically using JavaScript in just 30 minutes, but will she get the pizza she ordered?
Marcy Sutton

Google’s Paul Lewis noodled with React to see how it held up performance wise and noted ‘for mobile there’s a remarkable cost to using React over not doing so, and the cost is so high as to be reasonably prohibitive.’
Paul Lewis

With 0.14, the main ‘react’ package is splitting into two: react and react-dom. The way DOM references are exposed is also changing.

A look at the performance implications of using ES6 (the next version of JavaScript, essentially) specific features.
Kevin Decker


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