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JavaScript Weekly Issue 24
April 29, 2011
It's issue 24 of JavaScript Weekly - now the giddy excitement of the Royal Wedding is over (ha!), hopefully you're ready for this week's JavaScript links.
Ext JS 4 Released: Rich Apps in Every Browser Ext JS 4 is a significant release of the popular 'rich app' JavaScript framework. Lots more tests, a full-featured class sytem, sandboxing, a standardized MVC architecture, and an all-new charting system.
Aptana Studio 3 Web Development IDE Now Available Two years in the making, Aptana has taken the covers off of Studio 3, a popular Web application development IDE. It includes a JavaScript debugger, Git integration, code validation, and code assist for several languages (including JavaScript).
jQuery 1.6 RC 1 Released
4 Week Online Node.js Course with Van Nguyen (Starts May 9)
Objects as Arguments in JavaScript: Where Do You Draw the Line? JavaScript guru Rebecca Murphey discusses various patterns and situations relating to passing complex objects between methods versus unpacking them into multiple arguments.
Mozilla and JavaScript in 2011 David Mandelin of Mozilla looks at what Mozilla's going to focus on next in the JavaScript world now that they've gotten Firefox 4 out of the door. JIT compilation, garbage collection, and debugging developments await.
Building iOS JavaScript Games without UIWebView Dominic Szablewski has built two iPhone games using JavaScript that run directly on iOS's JavaScriptCore with no UIWebView or Web frameworks in sight. Here, he explains how this comes together.
The Compression of JavaScript Programs A look at some techniques for creating self extracting, compressed JavaScript programs using various intriguing techniques including packaging code into UTF-16 text or PNG files.
Your Javascript Constructor Logic May Break Prototypal Inheritance Ben Nadel notices how poorly built constructors can quickly trample all over the underlying prototypal inheritance mechanism and other objects' data.
Closures explained with JavaScript Nick Morgan attempts to demonstrate what closures and first-class functions are and what they offer from a JavaScript point of view.
Testing Backbone applications with Jasmine and Sinon Jim Newbery kicks off a three part series (all parts available now!) on testing a Backbone.js app using the Jasmine BDD framework and Sinon stubbing and mocking library. If building robust Backbone apps is your bag, check this out.
Reducing map: jQuery vs jQuery vs JavaScript Earle Castledine pitches jQuery's "each" iterator against JavaScript's "each" iterator in various ways and incarnations and looks at some of the differences.
Rapid Prototypes with the Twitter API using HTML5 & JavaScript
Building a Hacker News Aggregator with jQuery and Amplify
Code and Libraries
jQuery Plugin Boilerplate Code Stefan Gabos was struggling to find a simple way to start building a jQuery plugin so he did some research and has put together a 'jQuery plugin boilerplate' template for you to start with.
CoffeeKup: Markup as CoffeeScript CoffeeKup is an intriguing attempt at defining HTML content and templates using CoffeeScript's syntax. The homepage has a great live demo.
Apprise - An Attractive 'alert' Alternative for jQuery Daniel Raftery's Apprise bills itself as a 'sexy' alternative to JavaScript's modal alert boxes that leans on jQuery.
Fermata: A Succinct REST Client for Node.js Fermata is a node.js library that lets you simply state your REST requests using JavaScript property "dot" syntax.
Reel: jQuery Plugin for Image Projections and Animation Reel is a jQuery Plugin that lets you animate or allow your visitors to control sequences of images in various ways - good for 360 degree panoramas, product browsing, or just simple photo animations.
Transform: 2D Transformation jQuery Plugin
Kanso: A Simple Framework for Writing CouchDB 'CouchApps'
Rel - A Node JS Port of Ruby's Arel
Last but not least..
Understanding JavaScript's this keyword It's from 2010 but this article digging deep into JavaScript's 'this' keyword has been doing the rounds on Twitter again this week. A handy reference.
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