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Build a complete desktop app with JS, Facebook's unveils Relay, Ember.js 2.0, and more.
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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 245 — August 14, 2015

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- Peter Cooper, Editor

A detailed walkthrough of building a JavaScript-based ‘sound machine’ desktop app using Node and Electron.
Kristian Poslek

Relay helps you steer clear of imperative APIs and instead declare your data requirements using GraphQL. Relay then figures out how and when to fetch your data from the server.

Primarily a tidy up/cruft removing release.
Ember.js Team

Accelerate your single page application development with key practices to make Agile work effectively for Angular, React, and other HTML5 projects.   Sponsored

Flow is a static type checker built at Facebook that can perform a variety of checks on your code whether you annotate the types or not.

Changes are on the way for Google’s V8 JavaScript engine (as used by Node and Chrome), such as replacing its baseline JIT with a bytecode interpreter.

A primer to classes in ES6/JavaScript 2015 starting from how you’d mimic their abilities in ES5.

“ES6 is in a weird place when it comes to web development as a whole. It is a standard, it is well supported, but it also breaks backwards compatibility.”
Christian Heilmann


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