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Issue 249 — September 11, 2015
Explains how he overcame his initial skepticism and learned to love the benefits of strong typing.
Burke Holland

The first stable release bringing the best of Node and io.js together. It uses the same version of V8 shipping with Chrome which brings a variety of ES6 features to Node as standard.

The big ideas are that interfaces should be a tree of composable components, modern JavaScript leads to cleaner code (great ES5 vs ES6 vs ES7 example), and not using DOM as a source of state.
Ben McCormick

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A look at the benefits ES6’ template strings bring, such as multi-line support and string expressions/interpolation.
Christian Heilmann

An in-depth look at work done by two MongoDB interns to significantly improve the performance of Mongo’s $where operator.
Calvin Chan

A look at the various ways in which functions acquire their formal names.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

A 13 minute video covering a variety of useful ES6 features live. Great if video works better for you than articles.

Promises are becoming increasingly popular in JavaScript code, but how do you deal with them in unit tests? Jani shares some techniques when using Mocha and Chai.
Jani Hartikainen


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