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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 257 — November 6, 2015
13 multiple choice questions on things like bindings, classes, computed properties, and more, await you. Explanations of the answers are available.

Object.observe was a promising new feature in the forthcoming ES7 standard (and implemented in V8) but which now appears to be withdrawn from consideration by TC39, as well as from V8.

A tour of the history of dates and times which, eventually, moves into how JavaScript deals with their quirks. This is a long read which threads the worlds of technology and politics together well.
Curtis Autery

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A great introductory talk on Scala.js which compiles Scala code to JavaScript. It’s not commercially supported by Typesafe but is production ready.

More information on what Node v5 represents versus the v4 LTS release. Subscribe to Node Weekly for more like this.
Node Foundation

Cody Lindley explains why he believes jQuery is still important and relevant, despite the growing noise saying that you don’t need jQuery.
Telerik Developer Network

A very thorough slidedeck that stands up well on its own. It looks at the issues with CommonJS and why ES6/ES2015’s native module system is so vital.
Ben Newman


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