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JavaScript Weekly Issue 26
May 13, 2011
Welcome to issue 26 of JavaScript Weekly. It's Friday the 13th but it's not unlucky for us. I hope.. :-)
CDN JS - A New CDN for Other JavaScript Libraries Google's CDN (Content Distribution Network) is a popular source for loading jQuery and other popular JavaScript libraries. CDN JS fills in a gap by providing a CDN for less popular libraries that Google doesn't host.
Meet CoffeeScript: A New PeepCode Screencast CoffeeScript is a language that compiles to JavaScript and adds useful features and smoother syntax. CoffeeScript has exploded in popularity since April 2011 and the much-loved PeepCode screencast site has put together a professional 75 minute video tutorial that'll bring you up to speed with the language.
WebGL - A New Dimension for Browser Exploitation Context Information Security analyzes the security impact that WebGL support can have on Web browsers and how it can act as a vector for a malicious code attack.
jQuery 1.6.1 Released
CouchApp 0.8 Released: Framework for JS + HTML5 Apps on CouchDB
John Resig on jQuery 1.6 and .attr() jQuery's creator John Resig looks at jQuery 1.6 and 1.6.1 and the way attributes and DOM object properties are handled, specifically in relation to the new 'attr' method. He also speculates that jQuery 2.0 won't include any significant API changes.
Creating 2D Games with JavaScript & HTML5 In a post on the official Google Code blog, Dominic Szablewski, creator of the Impact Game Engine, gives a very brief, high level explanation of how 2D games can be created with JavaScript and HTML5. It might convince you to check out Impact though.
Remote debugging with Chrome Developer Tools The Google Chrome Developer Tools' front-end is implemented as an HTML + CSS + JavaScript webapp. It uses a serialized message channel in order to communicate with the inspected page. In this post, the Chromium team share how you can lean on that to do 'remote debugging' with the Chrome developer tools.
Javascript Mistakes You Must Avoid It's not perfect but this list of JavaScript 'mistakes', workarounds and code examples is well-presented and there are a few useful tips to pick up.
How To Write Your Own Native Node.js Extension Olivier Lalonde demonstrates how to create a native Node.js extension. Beware, this is advanced stuff and there's lots of C++ to play with, although Olivier does a great job of making it seem accessible.
Implementing 'Pointers' in JavaScript An intriguing proof of concept of producing an ersatz 'pointer' system in JavaScript. The author notes that it's merely an interesting demo and not a new best practice ;-)
Client-Side XSLT Transformations with JavaScript
6 Tutorials for the Spine MVC Framework
Screencasts and Presentations
6 Video Presentations from Google's 'JavaScript on Mobile' Conference Back in January, Google ran a "day of JavaScript on Mobile" at its Mountain View campus. The videos are now available and cover Sencha Touch, Sproutcore, jQuery Mobile, and other mobile JavaScript topics.
Writing Maintainable JavaScript In a well recorded 53 minute presentation at Mix11, Andrew Dupont demonstrates some strategies to keeping JavaScript codebases lean, modular and flexible, including MVC, templates, state persistence, and namespacing.
WebGL Techniques and Performance (from Google I/O 2011) In a 50 minute presentation at Google's I/O conference, Gregg Tavares spoke about WebGL and looked at some techniques to get the best performance out of the technology. He goes over how to draw models, particles and grass systems, some creative use of UV offsets and other effects.
Code and Libraries
Kaffeine: Extended JavaScript for Pros Kaffeine is a 'transpiler' for JavaScript that appears very similar to CoffeeScript in spirit but which adopts a more direct, JavaScript-esque approach that provides a more 'line for line' output.
Haraka: A Node.js SMTP Mail Server Haraka is a SMTP server built in Node.js with plugin support (also written in JavaScript). It can work as both an inbound or outbound SMTP server or both at once.
Redback: Fast Redis Library for Node.js Redback is a fast, high-level Redis library for Node.js. It provides an accessible and extensible interface to the standard Redis data types. You can use Redback as a Cache backend, a Pub/Sub provider, or to create complex data structures such as the SocialGraph, KeyPair or DensitySet.
Crossroads.js: A JavaScript URL Routes System Crossroads.js is a routing library inspired by URL route/dispatch systems from webapp frameworks like Rails, Django, and CakePHP. It parses a string input and decides which action should be executed by matching the string against multiple patterns.
FitText.js: A jQuery Plugin for Inflating Web Type FitText makes the font sizes on your page more flexible. You can get scalable 'headlines' that fill the width of a parent element, for example. It's a lot like BigText but better suited for fluid width layouts.
haml-coffee: JS Haml Parser with Inline CoffeeScript Support haml-coffee is a Haml parser that understands CoffeeScript. It generates JavaScript files that contain all templates that can be rendered to HTML for use in your JavaScript apps.
CoffeeScript Port of a Scheme/Lisp Evaluator from SICP
TreeHugger: JavaScript AST Transformation Tools
Haml.js: High Performance Haml Implementation for Node.js
Faker.js: Generate Fake Data in the Browser and Node.js
Last but not least..
RewardJS: Prizes for Contributing to Open Source JS Projects RewardJS is an incentive program that aims to encourage JavaScript developers to contribute to open source libraries. Supposedly they've awarded an iPod Shuffle, a Kindle, a Wii, and a Flip camera so far.
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