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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 261 — December 4, 2015
A great walk through some of the greatest JavaScript developer tools that currently exist and why Eric uses them.
Eric Elliott

If you need to label numerous points along a line, working out where to place the labels could be tricky. Labella handles it elegantly; see the examples.

Learn everything you need to build and deploy a maintainable single page app. This course covers a broad range of topics as we build an app from scratch using React, Ampersand, ES6 (ES2015), and Webpack.
Frontend Masters   Sponsored
Frontend Masters

No dependencies, just provide two elements with a common parent. Works horizontally or vertically and provides draggable gutters.
Nathan Cahill

Mimics jQuery’s API for DOM manipulation and traversal and should be compatible with all major test runners and assertion libraries.

Babel 6 is more configurable than Babel 5, but it can be trickier to do, so Axel Rauschmayer shares some handy tips with us here.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

After some recent criticism of the quality of Math.random’s output on V8/in Chrome, it has received some updates.


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