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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 266 — January 15, 2016
Almost every JavaScript developer owes something to jQuery which continues to be heavily used on the Web. Its creator reflects on jQuery’s 10th birthday. Also further reflections by Dave Methvin.
John Resig

Take advantage of multi-threading in the browser using ParallelJS, a library that provides a more convenient API for working with Web Workers.
Florian Rappl

Not on the ES6 train? Eric Elliott presents a handy learning roadmap for you.
Eric Elliott

Free open source REST API platform for SQL, NoSQL, file storage, email, or remote web services. Hosted version for rapid prototyping with production ready results. Spin up a free instance in seconds.
Dreamfactory   Sponsored

There will no longer be any support for IE8, but otherwise there are only a few major changes to be aware of, including jQuery.Deferred being Promises/A+ compatible, a change to how .data() works, and more.
Timmy Willison

Following on from other ‘awesome’ themed link lists comes one aimed at the npm ecosystem, but it includes a variety of npm-related tips too.
Sindre Sorhus

Following on from its announcement at JSConf, the core of MS’ JavaScript engine from IE/Edge is now open source and available on GitHub.
Microsoft Edge Dev Blog

Fluent is a major Web Platform and JS conference, this year taking place in San Francisco on March 7-10. Four of us from Cooper Press will be there, and we'd love to see you!
O'Reilly Media

A short, tidy, and practical example of using generators and promises to elegantly deal with asynchronous data inputs and outputs.
Nicolas Bevacqua


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