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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 269 — February 5, 2016
A thorough guide to creating a JavaScript package written in ES6 that’s usable regardless of whether you’re using CommonJS, AMD or plain browser global modules.
Jim Cowart

Fast, uses 3D rendering and CSS3, and lets you coordinate and animate hundreds of DOM elements together. Looks very promising.
David Valdman

Learn up-to-date Angular 2 concepts and understand how to use JavaScript controls in your AngularJS application. Gain firsthand experience by following Wijmo’s progress as they migrate their Angular 1 directives to Angular 2 components. Download and run Wijmo’s Angular 2 Explorer.
Grape City   Sponsored
Grape City

A two part tutorial covering how to create a sliding tile puzzle using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and then an ‘artificial intelligence’ to solve it.
Smashing Magazine

A solid, practical look at a feature still a little way off in JavaScript’s future.
Nicolas Bevacqua

Use proxies to trap or intercept all of the operations on a target object and modify how the target operates. Addy Osmani presents an introduction here.
Addy Osmani

Love’s simple editor? This bills itself as a clone and uses the contenteditable API to implement a rich text solution.


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