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JavaScript Weekly Issue 27
May 20, 2011
Welcome to issue 27 of JavaScript Weekly. There seems to be a lull in releases this week so the focus is on articles and code today.
Released: Hands-On Node.JS by Pedro Teixeira Hands-On Node JS is a new PDF and Kindle e-book by Pedro Teixeira of that digs into the whys and hows of Node.JS. The reviews so far are mixed but it's under 4 bucks and there's a 60 page demo you can check out first.
Articles and Tutorials
Getting Better at JavaScript by Rebecca Murphey JavaScript guru Rebecca Murphey shares some 'semi-random thoughts' on the topic of getting better at JavaScript. Some great insights, book recommendations, and even comments in here.
JSON: The JavaScript subset that isn't? Magnus Holm notes that while JSON is meant to also be syntactically legal JavaScript code.. it isn't always. What has Magnus discovered? Find out here.
A Not Very Short Introduction To Node.js Anders Janmyr presents a practical, code-rich introduction to Node.js starting from basics through to installation, the development of a basic app, templating, and debugging. A great primer.
iOS RAGE Rendered with WebGL and JavaScript A stunning demo and tech talk by Brandon Jones showing off an implementation of a WebGL and JavaScript based rendering of the assets from id software's new game, RAGE. John Carmack even gave some Brandon some help along the way.
AJAX File Uploads Using An IFRAME Workaround Steve Schwartz talks about AJAX-based file uploads and how most current browsers don't allow them for security reasons (though this is starting to change) before showing off an IFRAME-based workaround.
How to Build A DIY node.js Server (on Amazon EC2) Jason Cupp presents a walkthrough of quickly building an Amazon EC2 instance that lets you deploy a Node.js app using Git. Little is EC2 specific though so this should be useful for almost anyone who wants to deploy on Linux.
Auto-Compiling Coffeescript on Save in Vim
Using JSShaper to Provide Operator Overloading for JavaScript
Improving Your Website's Typography With Kern.js
Code and Libraries
Conway's Game of Life in CoffeeScript It's an ultra simple Game of Life written in CoffeeScript. The good part? Beautifully annotated source that shows you how it was put together.
jQuery Chrono: Sugary Timing Functions jQuery Chrono provides syntactic sugar ($.after and $.every) around JavaScript's native setTimeout and setInterval functions.
node-mysql: Pure JS MySQL Client Library for Node node-mysql is a a pure node.js client implementing the MySQL protocol. It's currently being used in production and the tutorial makes it look simple to get started with.
DepthJS: JavaScript meets the Microsoft Kinect (Again) DepthJS is a browser extension for Chrome and Safari that allows the Microsoft Kinect to interact with Web pages. I already mentioned DepthJS in issue 4 but it now has a snazzy new site and has been undergoing further development.
sprite.js: Clean, Cross-browser Framework for Sprites The sprite.js framework lets you efficiently create animations and games using sprites. It has been tested on Chromium, Firefox, the Android emulator, Opera and IE 9. Demos are available.
Augment.js - Adding What's Missing To Your JS Objects Augment.js augments built-in objects with the latest JavaScript methods (things like Array.prototype.filter and Object.keys). It doesn't override any native implementations and 'only adds what is missing'.
PathJS: Simple, Lightweight Routing for Browsers PathJS is a lightweight, client-side routing library that allows you to create "single page" applications. PathJS allows you to bind methods to specific routes, providing you with the ability to dynamically change the content of your web page.
A Common Javascript Closure Memory Leak
Leaflet - Modern JS Library for Interactive Maps
A Minecraft Map Viewer (using JavaScript and WebGL)
A JavaScript Job
UI/Web Developer [Near Washington DC] CustomInk is a t-shirt and apparel printing company looking for an expert JavaScript developer with up to date JS and framework knowledge. JavaScript is the focus but bonus points for knowledge of Ruby on Rails too.
Last but not least..
A JavaScript PC + Linux Emulator This link takes you straight into a session on 'JSLinux', an in-browser JavaScript emulation of a PC running Linux built by Fabrice Bellard. You can run vi or emacs, compile C code and navigate a file system. Magical.
Extensive Hacker News discussion about the emulator
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