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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 276 — March 25, 2016
Learn about functional data structures and their uses in this overview of Facebook’s popular Immutable.js library.
Sebastián Peyrott

Asynchronous control flow is a core part of JavaScript development. Jeremy Fairbank dives into new async functions landing in future versions of JavaScript and investigates the use cases and “gotchas” along the way.
Jeremy Fairbank

See this week’s Node Weekly for more on this, but essentially a developer unpublished an npm module causing a cascade of issues due to it being a common dependency.
The Verge

There’s no shortage of options for developer talent. Learn why moonlighters and pro-freelances prefer fixed-priced projects over haggling with clients over hourly time-sheets. There’s no need to be sitting in any office you don’t love.
Gigster   Sponsored

Useful for situations where you have an infinite scroll-style feed so that a click-and-back situation returns users to the right place.

Pretty extensive. Covers retro systems, CPUs, calculators, and more.
Frederic Cambus

Insights, tips, plus a lot of recommended books and courses.

Sinon helps eliminate complexity in tests by allowing you to easily create so called ‘test-doubles’.
Jani Hartikainen

Write type-safe, high performance OCaml code, and deploy the generated JS.
Bloomberg Finance


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