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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 289 — June 23, 2016
ECMA has approved the spec. The two key features this time are the ** exponentiation operator and Array.prototype.includes.

A React Native app generator that includes component and usage examples, theming, convenience screens, and more.
Infinite Red

See how to build a basic lexer, parser and evaluator in JavaScript.
Tadeu Zagallo

Our API automation platform keeps getting better with new streamlined commercial packages.
DreamFactory   Sponsored

Videos and summaries of six talks from the React Europe conference that took place earlier this month.
Dylan Kirby

TJ VanToll, Cody Lindley, Ed Charbeneau and Todd Motto debate whether Angular 2 has what it takes to match the success of Angular 1.
Telerik Developer Network

A well-informed proposal to resolve standing issues over whether JavaScript files are treated as regular scripts or modules.
John-David Dalton and Bradley Meck

Byron Houwens explains the benefits of types and interfaces in this intro to TypeScript, a strongly-typed superset of JavaScript.
Byron Houwens


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