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JavaScript Weekly Issue 30
June 10, 2011
Welcome to issue 30 of JavaScript Weekly. No big newsletter news this week but there's a link at the end of the newsletter I'd like you to check out if you have any suggestions or observations whatsoever about JavaScript Weekly. Anything you can share helps me make it better in future.
CouchDB 1.1.0 Released The popular JavaScript-using CouchDB document database system has hit 1.1.0 with little fanfare but brings in native SSL support and lots of small feature additions like HTTP range support for attachments, better URL rewriting, optimizations, and more.
O'Reilly's 50% Off JavaScript Books Sale O'Reilly is having a 50% off sale on a massive range of JavaScript books till June 14, 2011. I don't make a bean from this and wasn't asked to include it (shame on them ;-)) so this is just a public service message I thought you'd enjoy.
Chrome Developer Tools: Put JavaScript Memory Under Control The Google Chrome team shows off some tools in Google Chrome that can help you understand how your JavaScript application makes use of memory: Task Manager, Memory Graph, and Heap Profiler.
Using jQuery with CoffeeScript
Hello Backbone.js: A Backbone Tutorial Hello Backbone is a simple Backbone.js tutorial comprised of self-explanatory "hello world" examples of increasing complexity. It's well presented and has five steps. Hopefully it'll get extended a little further in future too.
Hello jQuery Mobile: A Quick Intro In this short introduction, Paul Bridgestock shows off jQuery Mobile (aka jQM) and explains some of the requirements to use it, some of its pitfalls, and how to move on to using it yourself.
Implementing Bookmarklets in JavaScript Dr. Axel Rauschmayer demonstrates some techniques for building JavaScript 'bookmarklets' and some best practices for putting them together.
The 11 JavaScript Mistakes You're Making It's one of those list posts that's like catnip to our weak human brains. Andrew Burgess walks through 11 mistakes you may or may not be making on your JavaScript journey. Worth a quick scan.
Object Creation and Property Definition in ECMAScript 5
Visual Demo of jQuery UI 'Easing' Effect Types
The Secrets of Node's Success
Why a JS Hater Thinks Everyone Needs To Learn JavaScript In The Next Year
Node.js Digs Dirt: About Data-Intensive Real-Time Apps A 30 minute talk by Isaac Z. Schlueter of Joyent given at the NEXT confernece about using Node for doing real-time data analysis with JavaScript.
Using Deferred in jQuery (in 28 minutes)
Dav Glass: YUI 3 and Node.js (Not Just For Web Pages)
Code and Libraries
JSIL: .NET / CIL Bytecode Compiler to JavaScript JSIL is a compiler that transforms .NET applications and libraries from their native executable format - CIL bytecode - into standards-compliant, cross-browser JavaScript. The demo of a simple platform game compiled from C# to JavaScript is particularly impressive.
Tutti - Test Javascript On Different Browsers Simultaneously Using Tutti, when you enter a Javascript command or run a script, it is immediately sent to each browser that's connected to a 'room' hosted by Tutti. An interesting way to do multi-browser testing.
Kyatchi: Node Powered SMTP Server and Live E-mail Previewer Kyatchi is a Node.JS port of Mailcatcher, a Ruby and JS app that presents a local SMTP server and live e-mail previewer so you can preview e-mail that other apps you're developing on might want to send. Kyatchi is written on top of the Sinatra-like web framework for NodeJS, ExpressJS.
Multiplayer Snake Game using Node.JS and Websockets Daniel Hoelzgen has built a multiplayer 'snake' game using Canvas, Node.js, and Websockets. Both the client side and server side code is written in CoffeeScript and it's surprisingly short.
GLOW: A Just-Above-Low-Level WebGL API
Weld: Generates and Binds Markup To Data Weld is a simple JavaScript library that binds data to markup and can generate markup based on your data. The author refers to it as 'template antimatter'.
Tooltipsy: A jQuery Tooltip Plugin for Control Freaks
A JavaScript Job
UI/Web Developer for CustomInk [Fairfax, Virginia] CustomInk is a custom decorated product/apparel service that lets people create their own gear. They need a talented UI/Web developer with expert level JavaScript chops to work near Washington DC.
Last but not least..
Help Me: The JavaScript Weekly Suggestions Box Hit me with your suggestions, rants, random comments, or praise regarding JavaScript Weekly. It's all anonymous, etc. It'd really help me out if you have anything to share so I can get a feel for where to take this newsletter. Thanks.
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