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JavaScript Weekly Issue 32
June 24, 2011
What a week. I had almost 40 items in my queue to check out for this week and it's been a struggle to narrow it down a little. Perhaps I should create a tumblelog or Twitter account with the 'raw' items in future. Nonetheless, it's a good week, so enjoy issue 32 of JavaScript Weekly.
iOS 5 Brings Nitro JavaScript Speed to Home Screen Webapps Apple brought huge JavaScript performance improvements to Mobile Safari in March of this year, but those benefits didn't extend to Web apps saved to a user's home screen. iOS 5 will remedy that situation, Ars Technica reports.
Brendan Eich Passes Over SpiderMonkey Ownership JavaScript inventor Brendan Eich has handed over the keys to the SpiderMonkey JavaScript module (the first and somewhat de facto JavaScript engine) to Mozilla's David Mandelin.
2011 Boston jQuery Conference - October 1-2, 2011 Ralph Whitbeck has announced the dates for the 2011 Boston jQuery Conference. It'll be in Cambridge, MA on October 1-2, 2011. If you want to speak, you need to get your proposal in by July 15.
Microsoft Working With Node.js Community To Bring Node to Windows
Cloud9 IDE Gets $5.5m Funding from Accel and Atlassian
Apple Accepts Javascript in EPUB E-books in iBookstore
How Do JavaScript Closures Work? On Stack Overflow, Peter Mortensen asked how you could explain JavaScript closures to a 6 year old. The top answer didn't quite hit a 6 year old's reading comprehension level but is nonetheless a good explanation of what closures are and how they work in JavaScript.
Classes in Coffeescript Javascript is a 'prototypal' language, a concept which, Justin Reidy says, can be challenging for programmers coming from almost any other language. Here, Justin shows off how CoffeeScript's classes work behind the scenes.
Poll: Have you moved from JavaScript to CoffeeScript? Hacker News recently ran a poll about people's experience with CoffeeScript in relation to JavaScript. Unsurprisingly, the majority are using JavaScript and not CoffeeScript (yet) but the comments are worth a read.
My Gripes with JavaScript Fredrik Holmstrom, creator of IronJS (a .NET-based JavaScript engine), thinks that JavaScript has 'dug itself into a hole that is impossible to get out of.' He explains his discontent with the language here.
DOM NodeLists and Arrays in JavaScript Can Duruk explains how array-like NodeList objects work, as returned and used by several DOM API methods.
Beating 60fps in Javascript
Build Native Apps from JS Webapps using Sproutcore and Strobe
The Strategy Pattern in JavaScript
Synchronizing HTML5 Slides with Node.js
Code and Libraries
Google's DOM Snitch - A Passive In-The-Browser Reconnaissance Tool DOM Snitch is an experimental Chrome extension that enables developers and testers to identify insecure practices commonly found in client-side code.
VisualSearch.js: A New, Rich Search Box
jsmad: MP3 Decoding in Pure JavaScript jsmad is a pure javascript MP3 decoder, based on libmad, with an ID3 decoder written from scratch. Already, jsmad allows Firefox 4/5 to play MP3s without any Flash using the W3C Audio API.
Everyauth: Simple Authentication for Node Everyauth is a Node.js authentication and authorization library for apps based on the popular Connect and Express frameworks. It supports OAuth, OAuth2, OpenID, LDAP, and password-based authentication.
Visibility.js: Sugar for the Page Visibility API The Page Visibility API is an official W3C spec that defines a means for Web developers to determine the current visibility of a document and be notified of visibility changes. visibility.js acts as a wrapper for the API's functionality.
whenever.js: English Language BDD for jQuery Whenever is a library that provides a simple domain specific language on top of jQuery to specify your application's behavior using a syntax that reads like English.
ScopeJS: Easily Define and Work With Lexical Scopes
traits.js - Traits for Javascript
Stitch: Build with CommonJS Modules then Join for the Browser
SocketStream: New JS Framework for Single-Page Webapps on Node.js SocketStream is a new full-stack webapp framework built around the 'Single-page Application' paradigm. It embraces WebSockets, in-memory datastores (using Redis), and client-side rendering to provide an ultra-responsive experience.
SocketChat - A Beginner's Chat App using SocketStream (above)
Bioinformatics Startup seeks Full-Stack Engineers in SF
Join GameSalad in Austin - 8 Positions, 2 JavaScript Focused
Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs' HTML5 Mobile Pro Workshop Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs (of Scriptaculous fame) have released a downloadable version of their HTML5 Mobile Pro Workshop for $99 (beta pricing). I don't make a bean on this link and wasn't asked to put it here - just supporting a couple of great people in our space.
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