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JavaScript Weekly Issue 35
July 15, 2011
Welcome to issue 35 of JavaScript Weekly - lots more no-nonsense news and links of interest to JavaScript developers both back-end and front-end. A big thank you to everyone I've noticed recommending JavaScript Weekly on Twitter and blogs lately, it's very much appreciated. Thanks - Peter
Selenium 2.0 Released Selenium is a popular, cross-platform testing framework for webapps and it's hit a significant milestone with version 2.0. It's mostly written in Java but given how it's frequently used to test JavaScript, it's a release worth noting.
Node Knockout 2011 Registration Opened Node Knockout is an 48 hour online coding contest focused on building a Node.js-powered app. It takes place over August 27-29, 2011. Registration opened 2 days ago and already over 100 teams are lined up. Have fun folks.
Node v0.5.1 Released It's a minor update of the unstable version of the popular event-driven JavaScript environment but notable for being the first to ship with an official Windows executable, if that floats your boat.
Tickets Still Available for DojoConf 2011 - September 16-17, Arlington, VA
New Game Conference - HTML5 Gamedev Conference in San Francisco on November 1-2
Chicago WebConf - September 3, 2011 - An Epic One Day Conference (Including JavaScript)
qooxdoo 1.5 and 1.4.2 Released
Exploring The Decorator Pattern in JavaScript and jQuery JavaScript guru Addy Osmani returns with an article examining the popular 'decorator' design pattern as it applies in JavaScript. The 'decorator' is a design pattern that allows behavior to be added to an existing object dynamically.
Secure Distributed Programming on ECMAScript 5 + HTML5 Platforms (Video) Mark S. Miller, a research scientist at Google, explains how to create secure applications in ECMAScript 5 and HTML5 by turning JavaScript into a distributed secure programming language.
Essential JavaScript Design Patterns For Beginners I first linked to this handy single page 'book' about using design patterns in JavaScript back in issue 2 but it's been tweaked, updated, and made a fresh trip around the Javascript world over the last week so I figured it was worth including again. A good read with plenty of code.
Live is Beautiful: A Case Study An interesting writeup by 9elements about a live tracker built with Node.js they put together recently. The tracker itself is well worth a look but this article introduces some of the higher level concepts around it. A nice project for sure.
You Got Your Type Class in My jQuery: Functors
Code and Libraries
PDFKit: A PDF Generation Library for Node.js PDFKit is a PDF document generation library with support for vector graphics, font and image embedding, annotations, and more. It's written in CoffeeScript but can be used from regular JavaScript too. The example code is quite appealing.
Waldo: Search The JavaScript Object Model In Under 1KB Waldo is a tiny piece of JavaScript you can save as a bookmarklet and use to crawl the JavaScript 'object model' of any Web site currently loaded in your browser. You can find and inspect instances of objects by name, type or value. An interesting idea for debugging and probing.
smoke.js: A Framework-Agnostic Alert System Smoke.js is a framework-agnostic stylized alert system that uses JavaScript. The examples are simple yet stylish. I could see a lot of projects bringing this on board - nice work.
MiddleFiddle: An Outbound Proxy to Modify Your HTTP Requests MiddleFiddle is an outbound local proxy which lets you modify your outbound request and responses via Connect middleware. It supports both HTTP and HTTPS and can be easily installed with a single npm line.
jsOAuth: OAuth Implementation for JavaScript jsOAuth is a JavaScript implementation of the OAuth protocol as used by sites like Twitter and GitHub. There are links to several tutorials and snippets to help you on your way.
DOMJuice: An Intriguing New Template Engine DOMJuice is a new template engine built in CoffeeScript (the source is nice and easy to read) and inspired by Mustache. Its unique approach is that all operations are defined using special attributes on your HTML elements and it can support automatic updates from Backbone.js easily.
jsSHA - SHA Hashes in JavaScript
javascript-bcrypt: A BCrypt Implementation in JS
Resistance - Lightweight Async Flow Controller Library
Last but not least..
HTML5 Grind: A Blog for HTML 5 Game Developers I don't know the folks involved but HTML5 Grind is a new site devoted to the up-and-coming world of HTML5-based game development. It looks like it's off to a promising start so far. They're looking for content contributors too.
iOS Support for V8 In The Works?
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