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Issue 353 — September 22, 2017
A summary of an academic paper that concludes both Flow and TypeScript are good at preventing bugs that could end up in committed code.
Adrian Colyer

Plenty of JS terminology explained, along with code examples, in this thorough guide.
Manuel Beaudru

JavaScript telemetry gives a timeline of browser events leading to an error, including interaction events, like clicks, inputs, navigation and console messages + more. Debug better w/ telemetry and know why your app crashed.
ROLLBAR   Sponsor

This new release of the controversial compile-to-JS language preserves its clean syntax but bridges the gap with ES6 and beyond.

The CEO of Ionic suggests that incompatibility between component models results in framework churn and that Web Components will provide a resolution.
Max Lynch

An example-driven tour of the key features of ES6/ES2015, if you’re not quite there yet.
Łukasz Kyć

Using the new `script type=”module”` approach gives us some benefits merely beyond loading ES modules alone - it guarantees ES6/ES2015 support.
Philip Walton

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In Brief

Angular v5 Release Delayed to October news
It was originally due this week.
Dor Moshe

Upcoming TypeScript Changes in Vue 2.5 news
Evan You

How to Build Your Own Fax Machine with Tessel, JavaScript and Twilio tutorial
The death of fax has been greatly exaggerated! Twilio Programmable Fax allows you to send and receive fax in the cloud.
Twilio  Sponsor

Modern Ways to Use C++ in JavaScript Projects tutorial node
Maga D. Zandaqo

Subclassing Arrays in ES2015 tutorial
David Tang

U Go Hue Go: Controlling Philips Lights with Angular & Kendo UI tutorial
Tara Manicsic

5 Favorites in Emerging Web Standards 
SitePen  Sponsor

How I Cut My Webpack Bundle Size in Half story
Justin Duke

Using ReactJS, ES6 & JSX to Build a UI (the rise of MERN) 
Part 5 of our Modern Application Stack series - Why ReactJS is driving the development of modern applications.
MONGODB  Sponsor

billboard.js: A Simple Chart Library Based on D3 V4 code
v1.1.0 has just been released.
Naver Corp

Vuetify: A Material Design Component Framework for Vue.js 2 code

Dexie 2.0: A Minimalistic Wrapper for IndexedDB code
Provides a neater API and error handling for the IndexedDB browser database API.
David Fahlander

mongoist: A MongoDB Driver for Node Built with async/await In Mind code
Christoph Walcher

ngraph.path: Fast Path Finding for Arbitrary Graphs code
Demo here.
Andrei Kashcha

winamp2-js: A Reimplementation of Winamp 2.9 in HTML5 & JavaScript code
‘Whipping the llama’s ass’ with JS. Demo here.
Jordan Eldredge

Nano Events: A 119 Byte Event Emitter Library code
Andrey Sitnik

AR.js: Efficient Augmented Reality for the Web code
Jerome Etienne

Bosket: Tree View Components for React, Angular, Vue and Riot code
Julien Elbaz

Wretch: A Tiny Wrapper Around Fetch with an Intuitive Syntax code
Julien Elbaz

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