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JavaScript Weekly Issue 37
July 29, 2011
Welcome to issue 37 of JavaScript Weekly. Lots of interesting code and libraries this week and not so many articles. Another week of swings and roundabouts in the JavaScript world! Enjoy.
The CoffeeScript Book by Trevor Burnham - Now In Print 'CoffeeScript: Accelerated JavaScript Development' by Trevor Burnham and published by The Pragmatic Programmers is now in print. You can also grab an e-book version in PDF, ePub, and Mobi/Kindle formats without any DRM.
PhoneGap 1.0 Launches Today PhoneGap is a popular open source mobile framework that lets you use HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript to build native apps on many platforms include iOS and Android.
JavaScript Enlightenment E-book by Cody Lindley Released Sadly I've not yet read it but Cody Lindley, an experienced author and JavaScript engineer, has released a PDF e-book aiming to 'turn a JavaScript library use into a JavaScript developer.' I hope to review it soon.
SproutCore 2.0 Beta 2 Released
JavaScript Creator Says the Language Wasn't Just Dumb Luck Brendan Eich has been responding to comments that suggest any language chosen to fit the browser would have been a success. In this roundup by ReadWriteWeb, see what response is and his explanation of the historical context behind JavaScript's implementation.
Functional Parameters - a Neat JavaScript Design Pattern Joss Crowcroft looks at an interesting approach to accepting parameters into functions - by accepting other functions that can be lazily called when needed.
Stack Overflow: Best Resources To Learn JavaScript?
Backbone.js Tips: Lessons from the trenches
Code and Libraries
WowSlider: The 'Awesome' jQuery Image Slider WowSlider keeps up the Web design fad of sliders and carousels with an admittedly pretty awesome implementation. It's jQuery powered but reasonably light on the code, and the demos are striking.
Try CoffeeScript - A Chrome Extension This Chrome extension by Jim Fleming gives you quick and easy access to a CoffeeScript console/compiler in your browser.
html2canvas - Screenshots with JavaScript
Chosen: Beautiful Select Boxes Chosen is a JavaScript plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly. It is currently available in both jQuery and Prototype flavors. The results are striking in their elegance. I'm sure this will become popular. A Full Featured I/O Framework for Node.js creates a distributed node.js EventEmitter that works cross-process / cross-platform / cross-browser. Think of it like a real-time event bus that works anywhere JavaScript is supported.
PIE: Progressive Internet Explorer PIE provides behavior for Internet Explorer allowing it to recognize and render various CSS3 box decoration properties on elements. Naturally, it uses quite a lot of JavaScript.
HTML5 + JS Clone of Infinite Mario Game Rob Kleffner has put together an HTML 5 port of Markus Persson's Java experiment with building a Mario clone where the level is auto-generated forever.
tobi: Expressive Server-Side Functional Testing with JS Tobi allows you to test your Web application as if it were a browser. Interactions with your app are performed via jsdom, htmlparser, and jQuery, in combination with Tobi's 'Cookie Jar.' You get a a natural API for traversing, manipulating and asserting the DOM, and session based browsing.
JavaScript-Tools.tmbundle: A TextMate Bundle of JavaScript Joy
A Fast, Open Source JSON Parser for iOS and Mac OS
JavaScript-IPV6: JS Library to Manipulate IPv6 Addresses
Last but not least..
A CoffeeScript + Processing.js Live Coding Playground Something simple and sweet this week. It's a small piece of code on JSBin using CoffeeScript and Processing.js to get a simple drawing effect going. Load this up, play with the code, and learn something fun. I don't know who made it but I liked it.
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