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JavaScript Weekly Issue 45
September 23, 2011
Mulberry: A Development Framework for Native JS and HTML5 Mobile Apps Mulberry is a forthcoming framework for Web developers to build rich native mobile applications. It's built on top of the popular PhoneGap framework which supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and others. It looks promising.
V8's 1GB Memory Limit (And New Changes to Its GC) If you're pushing Google's popular V8 JavaScript engine to its limits, you might need to know about its memory limitations (which was ~1GB of memory usage until a recent cutting edge patch - scroll down - made higher limits possible). Thankfully, this won't affect most users but is notable.
Firefox 6 No Longer Runs JavaScript URLs in Address Bar in Page's Context
From Our Editor
The JavaScript Show: A Weekly JavaScript News Podcast The JavaScript Show is a podcast hosted by me (editor of this very newsletter) and Jason Seifer. We cover a lot of the same stuff as JavaScript Weekly but with more humor and anecdotes thrown in. If you listen to podcasts on your commute, etc, you might enjoy it.
The Best Way to Learn JavaScript (in 9 Assignments) Over at Nettuts, Andrew Burgess gives a 9-step process for learning JavaScript from scratch. If you'd consider yourself novice, definitely check this out as there's some solid advice here.
Faster JavaScript Memoization For Improved Application Performance Addy Osmani hasn't let up on his prolific writing about JavaScript performance issues and has this week released an article about memoization, the concept of caching function outputs.
Useful Node.js Tools, Tutorials And Resources Smashing Magazine presents a gigantic list post of goodies, projects, and links relating to Node.js. If anyone can pull of a decent list post, of course, it's them.
Creating Rich Interactive Web Apps with KnockoutJS (Part 1) The first in a series of code- and diagram-rich posts about building rich JavaScript-based webapps using KnockoutJS, a MVVM (Model-View-View Model) pattern framework.
Don't Be Stupid When Overriding Backbone.js Methods
Script Yielding with setImmediate Nicholas C Zakas looks at setImmediate(), a part of the nascent Efficient Script Yielding spec from W3C. Essentially it accepts a single function that will be executed as soon as the UI thread in the browser is idle. The downside is that currently only IE 10 supports it.
Building a Node.js Events App Using RabbitMQ, Websockets and Django
How Batman can Help you Build Apps Harry Brundage demonstrates how Spotify's new "Batman" CoffeeScript framework can be used to build powerful single page apps with the minimum of fuss.
Essential JavaScript Namespacing Patterns Addy Osmani again! This time he's discussing both intermediate and advanced patterns and approaches for 'namespacing' in JavaScript, a technique for organizing variables and blocks of functionality in an app in a way where they don't 'collide' with other code.
Box2D & JavaScript Tutorials by Seth Ladd
Visual Demonstrations and Examples of d3.js (Data Driven Documents)
Code and Libraries
Tinkerbin: Another HTML, JavaScript and CSS Sandbox
If you're familiar with JSBin or JSFiddle, Tinkerbin is more of the same except.. it also supports Sass (with Compass), Less, Haml and CoffeeScript. It's an attractive and straightforward playground.
jQuery PointPoint: A Plugin For Pointing To Things PointPoint implements a genuinely impressive, yet ultra simple, UI element: a small arrow next to the mouse cursor that points to somewhere of interest on the page.
rlightbox: A jQuery UI 'Media Lightbox' If you're familiar with the 'lightbox' concept, rlightbox offers more of the same but specifically aimed at presenting media, including YouTube and Vimeo videos. It includes panorama, live resizing, and theme support.
SockJS: WebSocket Emulation and Abstraction SockJS is a browser JavaScript library that provides a WebSocket-like object even on browsers that don't support WebSocket. You get a cross-browser API which creates a low latency, full duplex, cross-domain communication channel between browser and server.
Pagify: jQuery Plugin for Creating Single Page Sites Pagify is a simple and lightweight jQuery plugin for creating single page Web sites. All you do is create a DIV to hold page contents, call the 'pagify' function, then use hash-based links within your pages.
Portamento.js: Easy Sliding/Floating Panels jQuery Plugin Seen those 'fixed' panels that float along with the page when you scroll? Portamento makes them easily possible on your own pages and adds some interesting margin and boundary features for good measure.
Neon: Another Lightweight Cross-Browser JavaScript Framework It's another lightweight JavaScript framework - sorry! But it's a good looking one and includes a CSS selector engine, cross-browser event handling, asynchronous loading, DOM manipulation and more.
Gigger, a Realtime Javascript Monitoring Framework
A JavaScript Job
JavaScript Developer at Ensighten [Cupertino, CA]
Ensighten is seeking talented and creative entry level JavaScript developers for work with cutting edge web based solution development and deployment. Ensighten lives on the bleeding edge of JavaScript thus a solid foundation in JavaScript and CS in general coupled with a desire to learn is required to thrive in this ever evolving and challenging environment.
Last but not least..
Why Aren't Circles or Smiley Faces Valid JavaScript Variable Names? Peter Olson noted that in Internet Explorer you can use Unicode characters in JavaScript variable names, but you couldn't start them with Unicode characters like circles or smiley faces. Why not? There's a good answer!
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