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JavaScript Weekly Issue 46
September 30, 2011
jQuery 1.7 Beta 1 Released As well as the usual bug fixes, jQuery 1.7's first beta includes a fistful of new features, including .on() and .off() for cleaner event attachment/detachment, improved behavior in IE6/7/8 on forms, and animation improvements.
Addy Osmani's jQuery 1.7 Beta Release Run-Through
Google Releases Google JS Test Google JS Test is a JavaScript unit testing framework that runs on V8 and that has so far been used internally on several Google projects. It was designed to resemble Google's C++ testing library, include a mocking framework, and has user-addable matchers.
Brendan Eich on ECMAScript 6, Google Dart, Harmony, and More Brendan Eich has shared and annotated his slide deck from the recent CapitolJS event. He digs into JavaScript's history, what's in ECMAScript 6, what he thinks about Dart, and what's going on with Harmony. A lot to enjoy here.
Understanding 'typeof', 'instanceof' and 'constructor' in JavaScript
Live vs. Static DOM Node Lists Darcy Clarke talks about how lists of DOM nodes are returned in arrays and whether they're 'live' or 'static' lists.
Into the Ring with Knockout.js: A 3 Part Tutorial Series knockout.js is a framework agnostic JavaScript library that simplifies the creation of dynamic user interfaces. If you want to learn how to use it, NetTuts+ has just completed a 3 part series where you get to build a simple Knockout-powered app.
So, You Want to Use Node's require() In The Browser.. You’ve written some JavaScript running on Node, which has helped you organize your code into modules, develop a test suite and take advantage of useful libraries. Now you want to deploy that code to the final frontier - the web browser.. it seems you have many options.
Organize Your Code with RequireJS Following neatly on from the last item, Jim Hoskins presents a RequireJS specific walkthrough of creating JavaScript modules and using 'require' in the browser.
Code Katas: Building a Roman Numeral Convertor using TDD in JS Adron Hall demonstrates how to use QUnit and Test-Driven Development to build a roman numeral to arabic numeral convertor in JavaScript. An interesting journey where a curious conversion technique emerges.
Videos and Media
Become a Javascript Console Power-User with Paul Irish
Paul Irish, from Google's Chrome team, spends several minutes showing us how to 'level up' our JavaScript console knowledge. The way he uses JSFiddle in the presentation is interesting.
Code and Libraries
Jison: A JavaScript Parser Generator Parsers help computers derive meaning from arbitrary text, and Jison helps you build parsers! It's essentially a clone of Bison and comes from Zach Carter.
Countdown.js: Simple Date/Time Countdowns You know those dynamic 'countdowns' on some sales or event sites? 2 days, 12 hours, 11 minutes, and 49 seconds to go, etc? Countdown.js is a short and sweet library to do just that, and it's fully unit tested too.
ligament.js: The Smallest, Lightest-Weight JS MVC Framework A tongue in cheek code snippet from Yehuda Katz featuring his all new lightweight MVC library. Enjoy!
filter.js - Client Side Search Filtering using JSON and jQuery
Swipe 1.0: A Lightweight Mobile Slider Swipe is a JavaScript powered 'slider' aimed at mobile devices that offers 1-to-1 touch movement, rotation/orientation support, and resistant bounds. These give a more native feel to slide gestures than other libraries.
JSNES: A JavaScript NES (Nintendo) Emulator
jScrollPane - Cross Browser Styleable Scrollbars with jQuery and CSS
Sorting Visualizer Sorting Visualizer is a single page 'sorting algorithm' playground/sandbox. Write or tweak algorithms in CoffeeScript, run them live on the page, and see the results being arranged visually.
Reveal: Attractive jQuery Modal Plugin Reveal is a jQuery plugin from ZURB that can summon up attractive, animated 'modal' dialogs/windows on your pages. It's easy to set up and is MIT licensed.
Sammy.js: A Small JavaScript Web Framework with Class Sammy.js is a tiny JavaScript framework developed to ease the pain and provide a basic structure for developing JavaScript applications that are based around 'routes' and 'events.' It's not that new but it's had some updates and has a new spruced-up site.
13 jQuery Visual Effects Tutorials From building slideshows and displaying music from to rotating image slides and gravity simulation, it's this week's obligatory list post.
Training Events
Training: Beautiful Front End Code with Backbone and CoffeeScript
Chris Nelson is teaching a 2 day intensive course covering Jasmine, CoffeeScript and Backbone.js (including how they relate to Ruby on Rails) in San Francisco over November 7-8. Use the code "rubyinside" for $25 off.
Backbone.js Training: A 2-Day, Hands-On, Training Class Derick Bailey is offering an on-site 2 day Backbone.js training course for up to 15 of your employees. It costs money, but might be exactly what you're looking for.
Last but not least..
This Week's Issue of HTML5 Weekly
Don't forget that I also run HTML5 Weekly, which goes out on Wednesdays. It covers 'browser technology' in general and this week included the release of Firefox 7, CSS effects, and a clever HTML5 live video face detection demo (right).
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