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JavaScript Weekly Issue 47
October 7, 2011
Welcome to issue 47 of JavaScript Weekly. Too much to show off today without any waffling here, so get to it.. :-)
jQuery Mobile 1.0 Release Candidate 1 Released It's been a long time coming but jQuery Mobile 1.0 is almost here. With RC1, the water's warm and you can begin to use it with confidence ahead of the final release. Too much has changed in jQuery Mobile recently to sum up here so, instead, read this fine post from the team.
JavaScript Enlightenment by Cody Lindley: A Celebrated JS E-Book
I've seen a lot of people on Twitter raving about this book which promises to 'turn a JavaScript library user into a JavaScript developer' so I asked Cody if he could do a deal for JSW readers and he has.. a $5 discount using the code: jsweekly. I make nothing from this, by the way - just helping you out :-)
Future-Proofing Your JavaScript Applications for Improved Scalability Will Addy Osmani ever stop? Seems not, because this week he's back with a great set of slides designed to introduce us to the idea of decoupling parts of our applications into modules in order to scale them in the future.
Using CORS with All (Modern) Browsers Cross-Origin Resource Sharing is a (slowly) emerging technology that gives async Web operations (think AJAX) a way to directly grab resources from different domains.
FOUJUI: The 'Flash of Uninitialized JavaScript UI' Ever seen (or built) a page that uses so much JavaScript to render the UI that things don't look right for a while during loading? On the KendoUI blog they talk about making a 'loading screen' for these situations.
Getting Started with JavaScript Unit Testing (with jsTestDriver) Want to get started with some unit testing in JavaScript? So did Eli Weinstock-Herman and he's written up his experience in a handy 'how to' guide. It's based around jsTestDriver and a Visual Studio driven process so your mileage may vary, but it's worth a scan nonetheless.
Organizing Your Backbone.js Application With Modules Irene Ros and Tim Branyen of Bocoup spend some time looking at code organization in Backbone.js projects both at the file level and in using JavaScript modules.
A Quick Look Into The Math Of Animations With JavaScript Christian Hellmann of Smashing Magazine presents a code and graphics driven article about the formulas behind animation and 'easing'. Short, sweet and simple.
Writing Javascript for Size Tom MacWright ponders the compressions of JavaScript down to a smaller source code size without making it a headache to maintain.
Leveraging Deferreds in Backbone.js
Links to Slides from JSConf.EU Presentations A slightly ad-hoc list of links to slides from the many presentations given at last week's JSConf.EU conference. Lots of good stuff and one for the completionists.
Videos and Media Opening Song: JavaScript Will Listen
Bella Morningstar, supposed president of the "Brendan Eich Fan Club" and alter-ego of Mandy Lauderdale, sang a JavaScript-themed song at the start of this week's It's quite something.
Code and Libraries
JS Sandbox Console - A Mini JavaScript Console on the Web JS Sandbox Console is a simple but effective Backbone, jQuery, and localStorage powered JavaScript console on the Web. It's been designed to take away and include on your own projects' pages so people can try out your libraries from a console.
Zynga Scroller: A Scrolling and Zooming Component Zynga (of Farmville fame) has released a rendering and event framework agnostic component for implementing scrolling and zooming systems (including deceleration, edge bouncing, paging, and snapping). The included demos show the way.
Notificon: Dynamically Updatable Client-Side Favicon Notifications Notificon is a JavaScript library that can edit and update your site's 'favicon' in real time - ideal for putting numeric notifications on top of your existing icon.
espresso: A Small JavaScript VM for Arduino Mega 2560
16 Design Patterns in JavaScript By Example A GitHub repository packed with JavaScript examples of 16 'design patterns' including factories, observers, singletons, and adapters. The examples are borrowed from the Head First Design Patterns book from O'Reilly.
Recommended jQuery Plugin Patterns
The 1st Thing That Should Be Shown in Trigonometry Class (using d3.js) A cute live demo of using d3.js, the 'data driven' visualization library, to show off the relationship between pi, sines, and cosines.
An alternative to the above, written using paper.js
Miscellaneous Items
Beautiful JS: A 'Good-Looking JavaScript' Code Blog Recently I linked to a blog showing off 'ugly' JavaScript but am far happier to show off this one showcasing beautiful JavaScript instead! Some good examples and you can contribute your own posts using Github.
JSMag - A Magazine for JavaScript Developers I haven't bought it myself yet but JSMag is a monthly JavaScript magazine I've heard some good things about recently. For more article-length goodness, it might be worth checking out.
A Live Web-based JSON Parser/Visualizer If you have a big block of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) from an API call or the like and you want to break it apart quick, check out this handle single-page tool.
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