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JavaScript Weekly Issue 49
October 21, 2011
Welcome to issue 49 of JavaScript Weekly. Lots of releases this week, so I'm thinking of creating a special 'releases' section in future issues :-)
Headlines and Releases
JavaScriptMVC 3.2.0 Released JavaScriptMVC is a popular open source Model View Controller framework built on top of jQuery. There are now more tutorials and examples to learn from, too. Oh, and 3.2.1 is now out since I added this to my list.. they move quick :-)
RequireJS 1.0 Released RequireJS is a JavaScript file and module loader optimized for in-browser use, but which can be used in other JavaScript environments. This week it reached its landmark 1.0 release.
Backbone.js Quickly: Building a Backbone Start to Finish in a Screencast
Backbone.js Quickly is a 90 minute screencast (plus downloadable source code) by Joey Beninghove that walks through building an entire Backbone.js app from views and routers up to models, collections, and troubleshooting. It's $9.
Ext JS 4.0.7 Released
jQuery Mobile 1.0RC2 Released - Final Now Very Close
Demystifying jQuery 1.7's $.Callbacks Addy Osmani is back and showing off jQuery 1.7's $.Callbacks feature, a new way to manage lists of callbacks in a well structured and abstracted way. Addy's examples are clear and easily understood.
Truthy & Falsey: Truth in JavaScript James Padolsey takes a look at how expressions in JavaScript can ultimately resolve to being true or false, how to check, how to do conversions, and some tricky cases to watch out for.
Terse JavaScript 101 James Padolsey talks about minimizing redundant clutter in your JavaScript code. He argues that terse code aids readability (to a point) and shares some approaches to making it so.
Lets Make a 3D Game with microphysics.js In this part of a longer 'Let's make a 3D game' series, Jerome Etienne shows off how to use the microphysics.js library to do some elegant 3D physics simulation.
Creating Rich Interactive Web Apps With KnockOut.js (Part 2) A month ago, I linked to the first part of this series of posts that dig deep into building a rich JavaScript-powered webapp using KnockOut and now part two is available. There's a lot of stuff in here.
The Draft IETF 'JSON Pointer' Spec JSON Pointer defines a syntax for identifying a specific value within a JSON document (which is intended to be appended to a JSON resource's URI fragment).
Tips For Using Backbone.js Routers With HTML5 PushState
Code and Libraries
Alice.js: Lightweight JS-Powered CSS Engine Alice.js (A Lightweight Independent CSS Engine) is a micro JavaScript library focused on using hardware-accelerated capabilities (in particular CSS3 features) in modern browsers for generating high-quality, high-end visual effects.
Share Count JS: A Customisable Social Sharing Counter
List.js: Turbo Powered HTML Lists Do you want a 7 KB cross-browser native JavaScript that makes your plain HTML lists flexible, searchable, sortable and filterable? Check this out.
Isogenic Engine: A Modern Web-based MMO Game Engine Isogenic Engine is a Web-based MMO game engine focused on rapid development of games. It uses HTML5 and uses Node.js behind the scenes to deliver MMO functionality in real-time persistent worlds.
The Guard.js: A Tiny Access Control List (ACL) Library
TodoMVC: A Common Learning App for Popular JavaScript MVC Frameworks
underscore.Deferred: A Port of jQuery.Deferred as an Underscore Mixin
validate.js: Form Validation Library validate.js is a lightweight JavaScript form validation library with no dependencies and a size of just over 1kb gzipped. The documentation is very clear and it seems easy to integrate.
Sooty: A Framework for Building Campfire Bots in Node.js
Hamlet.js: White-space Sensitive HTML Templates for JavaScript Hamlet is an HTML variant that uses whitespace to automatically close tags (a la Haml). Hamlet.js gives you access to use Hamlet as a templating system from your JavaScript code.
QEDProject: Web Project Skeletons with Sass and CoffeeScript QEDProject creates a simple Web project skeleton with support for Sass and CoffeeScript as well as asset packaging. Add extra options to get jQuery, Backbone, Jasmine tests and jQuery Templates too.
Last but not least..
Cloud9 IDE Gets New Code Completion and Snippet Features Cloud9 IDE is an online development environment for JavaScript and HTML5 apps and it has now been updated with word completion and code snippets functionality. If you haven't checked it out yet, Cloud9's IDE is an intriguing service.
A Music Synthesizer in 140 Bytes of JavaScript
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