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JavaScript Weekly Issue 50
October 28, 2011
Welcome to issue 50 of JavaScript Weekly - almost a year old now! Expect some design tweaks in the next few weeks but for the time being, it's just lots of JavaScript related links as usual :-)
jQuery 1.7 Release Candidate 1 Released jQuery 1.7 comes a step closer with the first full release candidate now available. This is an ideal time to get playing with it if the betas were scaring you off so far.
jQuery Announces the jQuery Standards Team The jQuery team have announced the creation of a new jQuery sub-team called the jQuery Standards Team to give Web developers a voice in the standards process. It's headed up by Yehuda Katz and Paul Irish. You can get involved too, if you like.
Wakanda: Open Source Business Webapp Development in the Cloud Wakanda Developer Preview 2 is now available. Wakanda is an open source platform for building business webapps with nothing but JavaScript and includes a full stack from server to framework and IDE.
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Free eBooks on JavaScript Performance for Speeding Up Your Apps with New Relic
New Relic gives you full visibility from your end-users' browsers all the way through your application code. Deploy your free New Relic account before Nov. 4th and we'll send you the JavaScript Performance Rocks! eBook series as a thank you gift. (Yes, these are the awesome books written by Amy Hoy, tech teacher extraordinaire & Thomas Fuchs, aka Mr. Scriptaculous.)
HTML Parsing with JavaScript David Flanagan shares what he's learned while building an HTML parser in JavaScript for the dom.js project. He also shares the resulting code, surprisingly elegant for its 6836 lines.
Scaling Isomorphic Javascript Code
Testling: A New Automated Cross-Browser JavaScript Testing Service Testling is an automated cross-browser JavaScript testing tool. You write tests in JavaScript and then the Testling service runs it on a myriad of browsers behind the scenes and report the results. You can get 30 minutes of test time per month for nothing but beyond that you need to pay.
(A Few) New methods in jQuery 1.6
Using Node.js in an ASP.NET MVC Application With iisnode Node.js is an event-driven I/O JavaScript environment based on Google V8 and if you run it under iisnode on Windows, it'll run under as standard IIS Handler meaning you can integrate it directly into ASP.NET applications.
Drawing Shapes in Photoshop with JavaScript
Building a Real Time Charity Thermometer using JavaScript, Pusher, and HTML
Videos and Media
Douglas Crockford on JavaScript Programming Style and Your Brain In a presentation at the HTML5 Dev Conf, esteemed JavaScript guru Douglas Crockford talks about effective JavaScript programming style and how you can reduce your error rates and enhance the beauty of your code.
Refactoring JavaScript: A (Commercial) Screencast by Derick Bailey Refactoring JavaScript is a screencast where Derick Bailey walks through a real-world refactoring of a monolithic JavaScript project, a Backbone.js project. It costs $14 and runs at 2 hours.
iDeveloperTV's Cappuccino Training Videos
A rather good looking (and low price - less than 30 bucks) video course for folks who want to learn Cappuccino, the JavaScript-backed open source framework for building desktop-style apps on the Web. I've not watched it but the source is reputable.
Code and Libraries
ScriptCover: Making JavaScript Coverage Analysis Easy ScriptCover is a Chrome extension for JavaScript coverage analysis. It reports which JavaScript statements/instructions from internal and external scripts have been executed (and how many times) while a page loads and then when a user interacts with the page.
Tim: Tiny JavaScript Micro-Templating Tim lets you write simple templates that use JavaScript's familiar dot notation. You pass in a JavaScript object that contains all the relevant strings, and they are then substituted into the template. Tiny, simple, and secure.
LightningJS: Safe, Fast, and Asynchronous 3rd Party JavaScript Olark, a real time embedded chat service, needed a way to embed JavaScript into Web pages quickly, safely, and in an asynchronous manner. The result, LightningJS, is cross platform and beats traditional async embedding code in the benchmarks too.
Tangle: Reactive Documents in JavaScript Tangle is a simple JavaScript library that creates 'reactive documents' or, in layman's terms, allows realtime updating of content on a page based on other changeable content. The examples show off the concept extremely well.
RailwayJS: A New Rails-esque MVC Framework for Node.js Railway is a Node.JS MVC framework based on ExpressJS. It allows you to build webapps in a similar style to that in Ruby on Rails.
js Message: A Lightweight JavaScript Message / Alerts Library js Message is a cross-browser JavaScript library for showing alerts, confirmation boxes and popup messages. The appearance and content can be fully customized. It's just 3KB gzipped and has no external dependencies.
Colony: A JavaScript-to-Lua Source Compiler Colony is a transcompiler that compiles JavaScript source to Lua 5.1 source, with only a small support library needed. It's experimental but.. these things tend to be :-)
Last but not least..
@CodeWisdom: Inspirational Programming Quotes via Twitter
I've started a new account on Twitter called @CodeWisdom, that's dedicated to sage programming related wisdom and quotes, as well as links to discussions on best practices and techniques. If you're on Twitter, follow along.
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