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JavaScript Weekly Issue 51
November 4, 2011
Welcome to issue 51 of JavaScript Weekly. This week's big news is the release of jQuery 1.7, but there's been quite a lot of interesting stuff across the scene generally, making this week's JavaScript Weekly rather.. rubenesque :-)
jQuery 1.7 Released
After weeks of betas and release candidates, jQuery 1.7 has hit the streets. You get improved HTML5 support in old IE versions, new on() and off() event API methods, improved performance, and support for the CommonJS Asychronous Module Definition (AMD).
The jQuery Version and Plugin Usage Report 2011 How popular is jQuery? How popular are different versions of jQuery? What are the most popular jQuery plugins? Find it all here in this usage report that's been built by scanning the Web frequently.
Backbone Screencasts: A 2-Pack Deal Ending November 8th Friend of the newsletter, Joey Beninghove, is doing a special deal on his acclaimed Backbone.js screencasts. I've added this at the last minute as it expires on November 8th so check it out if learning Backbone.js is your thing (especially if you want to use it with Ruby on Rails).
jQuery Conference 2012: United Kingdom Announced The jQuery team are happy to announce jQuery Conference 2012: UK, the first jQuery conference in the UK, to be held in February 2012. The conference will be held in Oxford with a line-up including 6 jQuery team members and 4 industry experts.
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Terse JavaScript 101 (Part 2) James Padolsey continues his practical JavaScript series with a look at the diversity of looping, assignment, casting, and saving references.
JavaScriptCore, the WebKit JavaScript Implementation Explained Andy Wingo takes a look at the WebKit project's JavaScript implementation, JavaScriptCore - as used in Safari. He digs deep, explaining how things work at the bytecode level.
Brendan Eich's JSConf.EU Retrospective Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript, looks back to last month's JSConf.EU JavaScript conference, links to some of the best talks, and shares some of the developments in Harmony / ES6.
Four Ways to Do Pub/Sub with jQuery 1.7 and jQuery UI Addy Osmani presents four code examples to implement publish/subscribe type functionality in the (now not so) forthcoming jQuery 1.7. They include using third party plugins, jQuery 1.7's Callbacks() feature, the on() and off() methods, and using jQuery UI's Observable.
Writing Modular JavaScript With AMD, CommonJS & ES Harmony
Node.js Debugging with the Built-in Debugger A short tutorial explaining how to use Node's built-in debugger. Learn how to use the command line debugger to set breakpoints, step through code and analyze the debugging output.
Make a Guides Grid in Adobe Photoshop with JavaScript
How a Javascript Upgrade Brought Down The Guardian's Commenting Platform
Using Only CoffeeScript to Build an iOS App (with Node and Titanium)
How One Missing 'var' Ruined our Launch
Tachyon: A Meta-Circular, Optimizing JavaScript Virtual Machine [PDF - advanced]
Code and Libraries
Javascript Boulderdash
Jake Gordon decided to build an HTML5 and JavaScript version of the classic game, Boulderdash. In this post he shares his code but also 'digs' into how it works (heh heh).
Slider.js: jQuery, CSS Transitions and Canvas Powered Image Slideshows Slider.js is an easy-to-use customizable Javascript library to create image slideshows. It leans on the power of CSS Transitions to perform effects efficiently as well as the HTML5 Canvas to perform some non trivial transitions.
Sisyphus.js: Gmail-Like Client-Side Drafts for your Text Fields Sisyphus uses the LocalStorage API to keep track of partially filled out forms on pages you use it on so that even if a user reloads the page (perhaps by accident or a broken connection), they won't lose the data they had already filled out. Clever idea.
A JavaScript H.264 Video Decoder in JavaScript A highly experimental prototype of a port of Android's H.264 codec decoder compiled to JavaScript using Emscripten and then optimized with Google Closure. JavaScript continues to venture into fresh new realms..
CoffeeScript's Creator Makes a Proposal for Minimalist JavaScript Classes (in source code)
microtemplatez: Super Tiny Templating Microtemplatez is a 'compact micro-templating solution' created for learning purposes by Addy Osmani. The code is right there in the README and it can be minified right down to 168 bytes. It's worth looking at the code even if you never use it directly.
Recurly.js - JavaScript Library for Customizable Transaction Forms on Recurly Recurly.js offers secure, PCI compliant transaction order / checkout forms with fully customizable CSS, including dynamic price calculations and graceful error handling. Please note that it's for merchants using the (admittedly awesome) Recurly service only.
Xb: A Tiny 'Backoff' Library for JavaScript Xb runs a function of your choice at a changing interval, based on whether or not the callback succeeds. It uses the concept of 'exponential backoff' to find the right interval with which to run the code.
Useful Coding Tools and JavaScript Libraries For Web Developers Smashing Magazine presents a roundup of 34 different JavaScript libraries, tools, and demos. It's a real mixed bag and we've covered many in JSW already but with a large screenshot for each one, it's a nice, easy browse and you might pick up some new finds.
Javascript Editor for Microsoft SharePoint Javascript Editor for SharePoint (JEFS) is an in-browser editor that lets you prototype and test custom JS code in SharePoint. The aim is to provide an alternative approach to commonly used CEWP or SPD when applying JavaScript code against SharePoint pages.
Pimp My JS: Uglify or Beautify Your JavaScript (From Just 1 Form)
Last but not least..
HTML5 Weekly: A Free, Weekly HTML5 and Browser Tech Email Newsletter
HTML5 Weekly is now almost 3 months old but some JavaScript Weekly subscribers told me they were surprised to find it recently. So I thought I'd drop another reminder :-) It's like JavaScript Weekly but focused on HTML5 and 'browser technology' news, links, and demos.
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