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JavaScript Weekly Issue 53
November 18, 2011
Welcome to issue 53 of JavaScript Weekly. I'm on the road today so JSW is a little slimmer than usual, but back to full service next week! :-)
jQuery Mobile 1.0 Released jQuery Mobile is an elegant HTML5-based user interface library for the jQuery community designed to work on all popular mobile platforms. All of the team's target platforms are supported by the 1.0 release.
Cappuccino 0.9.5 Released
Node v0.6.1: A Minor Update We only announced Node 0.6 last week but a minor update is out already. It has documentation improvements and a handful of bug fixes. The 'crypto' module has also been made thread safe.
Travis CI Announces 'First Class' Node.js Project Support Travis CI is a distributed continuous integration system aimed at the open source community. Recent developments make it easy for Node developers to test their projects against multiple Node versions (0.4, 0.5 and 0.6) and environment configurations at once.
Third Party JavaScript Van Miranda looks at the concept of integrating 'third party' JavaScript into Web pages and how such incursions can be framed in diplomatic terms. If you're building a system to be included on third party pages using JavaScript, this is worth a read.
Using jQuery 1.7's .on() and .off() With the release of jQuery 1.7 came two new ways to attach event handlers to DOM elements - .on() and .off(). Andi Smith provides an introduction to these methods, along with some brief code examples.
Exploring JavaScript's Logical OR Operator Addy Osmani and Andree Hansson look at JavaScript's || operator, working up from a straightforward example, to understanding how it works 'behind the scenes', along with some tricks.
Why Not AMD? AMD (Asynchronous Module Definition) is one of several ways to 'modularize' JavaScript code and best known as being used by RequireJS. James Burke responds to some recent criticisms of the standard.
Fabric Engine Server Performance Benchmarks: JS Keeps Up With C++ Fabric Engine is an as-yet unreleased JavaScript accelerator and a new benchmark shows a Fabric-accelerated Node app keeping up with a multithreaded C++ app in the performance stakes. Still very early days but the technology seems promising, at least.
Code and Libraries
Derby: MVC Framework for Realtime, Collaborative Apps in Both Node and the Browser Derby is a new JavaScript MVC framework that can run on both the server (under Node) and in-browser. It includes a data synchronization engine that automatically syncs data between browsers, servers and a database.
JS/CC: A Parser and Lexical Analyzer Generation for JS JS/CC bills itself as the 'first available parser development system' for JavaScript and ECMAScript based languages. It can create lexical analyzers for languages which then feed to a generated LALR parser.
Kibi: A 1024 Byte Single Page App Framework
jQuery Responsive Thumbnail Gallery Plugin It's a jQuery Plugin for creating image galleries that scale to fit their container by John Polacek.
View.js - A Simple jQuery Photo Viewer View.js includes keyboard navigation, CSS animations, viewport scaling, smart loading, and is mobile ready (with swipe to view coming soon). Looks extremely easy to set up - I look forward to trying this.
BicaVM - A Java Virtual Machine, Written in JavaScript BicaVM is a highly experimental and proof of concept attempt at building a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) in JavaScript.
selectToAutocomplete: A Powerfully Simple New jQuery Drop Down Replacement
Whalesong: A Racket to JavaScript Compiler Racket is a variant of Scheme/Lisp and Whalesong is a transcompiler taking Racket code to JavaScript.
JavaScript Jobs
Sr. Interactive Developer at Sapient [Boston, MA] As a Senior Interactive Developer at Sapient Global Markets, you will need strong JavaScript, framework, and emerging technology (HTML5, CSS3, Canvas, etc.) knowledge to develop interactive Web based, mobile, and/or desktop applications.
Last but not least..
Marc-Andre Cournoyer's Online Programming Language Masterclass Marc-Andre Cournoyer, author of Create Your Own Programming Language, is running an interesting online course where you can learn to understand the internal underpinnings of a language, like Ruby or JavaScript, and learn how to create your own language too. It's running on November 29-30.
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