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JavaScript Weekly Issue 54
November 25, 2011
Welcome to issue 54 of JavaScript Weekly. Nothing to report this week, so let's get right to it :-) - Peter
Node 0.6.3 Released: Now Includes NPM The releases are thick and fast for Node with this point release including the popular Node package manager, NPM.
jQuery 1.7.1 Released jQuery 1.7.1 is a minor release of jQuery 1.7 where the core team has "made Pilgrim's progress on a cornucopia of bugs."
The jQuery Team Wants Your jQuery 1.8 Ideas The jQuery core team says it's ready for a new round of community input, this time for jQuery 1.8. It's your chance to suggest things for them to fix, change, or remove in order to make jQuery better. A few ideas so far are also mentioned in this post.
How To Create Web Animations With Paper.js Over at Smashing Coding, Zack Grossbart shows off how to use the Paper.js drawing and animation library to.. well.. make an animation. For a brief tutorial, the outcome is effective.
Porting from jQuery to Zepto Zepto is a minimalist JS framework for mobile WebKit browsers with a jQuery-compatible syntax. In this article, Pamela Fox discusses how she ported her PhoneGap Android app from jQuery to Zepto and what issues arose.
7 Common Javascript Mistakes or Confusions
Felix's Node.js Style Guide An interesting Node.js style guide by Felix Geisendorfer. It whizzes through best practices for code formatting, naming, semicolons, variable declaration, and other style related issues.
Improving ES5 OO With Sugar
Creating jQuery Plugins A super simple tutorial walking through creating the simplest jQuery plugin possible. It's about as short as it could be and seems a nice casual introduction.
Asynchronous UIs - The Future of Web User Interfaces
ECMAScript 6 and Standards Special
ECMAScript 6 Looks Promising A quick look at some new features coming up in ECMAScript 6 (ECMAScript being the standardized parent language behind JavaScript) including the 'let' keyword, default arguments, and multi-line strings.
Dave Herman: The Future of JavaScript [video] A 50 minute presentation by Dave Herman (a Mozilla Labs engineer and TC39 representative) at YUIConf 2011 about the future of JavaScript, including features under consideration for ECMAScript 6.
Microsoft on Evolving ECMAScript At last week's ECMA TC39 meeting, Microsoft shared reference implementations of proposals to address gaps in Math, String, and Number functionality as well as Globalization. It has also released these reference implementations via its HTML5 Labs site.
Code and Libraries
Mocha: A 'Fun, Simple, Flexible' JavaScript Test Framework Mocha bills itself as a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on Node and in the browser, making asynchronous testing simple. There's a laundry list of interesting features on its homepage if you want to learn more.
Face Detection jQuery Plugin
TGV.js: Deferred Image Loading with JavaScript and HTML5 Data Attributes Algy Taylor has put together a small library that looks for images with data-defer-src tags and then loads them asynchronously once the rest of the page is loaded. It also supports deferring the loading of other JavaScript files too.
Scriptus: A JS Environment for Twitter Communication and Automation Scriptus is a tool for programatically controlling Twitter and Twitter-based communications based around JavaScript.
DBi: WebSQL Database Driver for WebKit Browsers DBi is a JavaScript object that takes the pain out of using the client-side database on WebKit browsers (mobile & desktop). You can open a database, create tables, indices, triggers and views, and populate tables all from one JSON file.
Clark: ASCII Sparklines on the Shell (using CoffeeScript and npm)
Script#: A C# to JavaScript Transcompiler
Last but not least..
jQuery Air - Learn jQuery the Interactive Way
jQuery Air is an interactive, in-browser jQuery course from Code School. It used to be a paid course but now costs nothing in anticipation of a new paid CoffeeScript course next month.
Smooth CoffeeScript A free e-book, based on the esteemed Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke, that presents an introduction to CoffeeScript programming.
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