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JavaScript Weekly Issue 56
December 9, 2011
Welcome to issue 56 of JavaScript Weekly. I'd like to thank Sencha for sponsoring today's issue - sponsorship is still an infrequent experiment here but it all helps JavaScript Weekly keep going (as does your continued subscription and feedback - thanks!)
The DailyJS JavaScript Developer Survey 2011 The popular DailyJS blog is running a JavaScript developer survey. It closes in a few days so fill it out now (it's only short). The statistics will shared later on and it'll be interesting to see how it pans out.
What Is Happening To The jQuery Plugins Site? Last week, jQuery shuttered the popular jQuery plugins site, citing increasing levels of spam. Now, Adam J Sontag explains what the site's future is and how you, as a jQuery plugin creator, can help and be involved.
Announcing Amber.js: Yehuda Katz's New SproutCore-Inspired Framework It's still early days, but Rails 3 and SproutCore veteran Yehuda Katz explains the motivation for his work on a new SproutCore-inspired JavaScript framework he's building called Amber.js.
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Introducing ECMAScript 5.1 ECMAScript 5.1 (or just ES5) is the latest revision of the ECMAScript standard - the specification that JavaScript is based on. In this article on the Opera dev site, Mike Taylor shows off some of the most useful changes and additions.
Extending JavaScript Natives Angus Croll of Twitter demonstrates how you can extend native JavaScript objects and prototypes, why you might not want to, and a rationale for certain valid uses of the technique.
How to Get Gravatar Images from E-mail Addresses with JavaScript Darcy Clarke presents the code and a video demonstration for grabbing user avatars (based on their e-mail address) from the popular Gravatar service.
Practical Benchmarking Drew Harry presents some interesting analysis of the performance issues and ultimate message passing abilities of (a popular real-time data transport library written in JavaScript).
Node Modules You Should Know About: Optimist, an Options Parser
Introducing Mozilla's JavaScript Native File Management: OS.File David Rajchenbach-Teller of Mozilla shows off a work-in-progress library being developed by Mozilla to offer native file manipulation and management from JavaScript.
New Book: Going Global with JavaScript and Globalize.js There's no much information on internationalizing and localizing JavaScript apps out there, so it's interesting to see a book focused solely on the topic. The PDF sample looks good.
Videos and Media
Backbone.js on Rails Screencasts: When Things Go Wrong Joey Beninghove continues his run of commercial Backbone.js screencasts with the release of 'When Things Go Wrong', a screencast about handling validation errors coming from Rails and monitoring server availability.
Code and Libraries
The 50 Most Useful jQuery Plugins from 2011 All hail the list post. The SpeckyBoy blog rounds up 50 choice jQuery plugins with aplomb. Includes the usual screenshots for each choice and certainly worth a quick scan.
Circle Menu: A Circular Menu jQuery Plugin, Inspired by Path
Last week, many people were raving about the mobile interface for social network Path which includes a pop-out circular menu. Here's a jQuery copycat implementation by Jason Hutchinson.
Tubular: YouTube Background Player jQuery Plugin Tubular is a jQuery plugin that lets you use a YouTube video as your page background. Just attach it to your BODY tag, specify a YouTube video ID and tell it the ID of your content wrapper.
FlodJS: A Tracker Music Player in JavaScript
In the late 80s and 90s, it was popular to create music using 'tracker' sequencers. FlodJS is an attempt to produce a JavaScript based player for files produced using trackers such as SoundTracker, FastTracker and ProTracker. One for the nostalgia crowd.
Client-Side JavaScript Audio Waveform Visualizer (warning: automatic audio)
Shred: An HTTP Client Library for Node.js
Logme: A Minimalistic Logger for Node.js
Logme is a lightweight 'logger' for Node.js that can deal with multiple logging levels (error, warning, debug, info, etc), provides color-coded output, and which is easy to customize. It's by Veselin Todorov.
CoffeeLint: A Code Linter for CoffeeScript
nanoScroller.js: jQuery Plugin for Lion-Styled Scrollbars
Read: Reading from Standard Input in Node
SilkJS: A Google V8-based 'Swiss Army Knife' and HTTP Server SilkJS is a C++ program that links with the Google V8 JavaScript engine and several other libraries. It provides the 'glue' to allow the JavaScript context to call OS and other libraries' functions more easily than at present.
Last but not least..
Elm: New Type-Safe Functional Language, Compiles to JS Elm is a type-safe functional language that compiles to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It's also Evan Czaplicki's senior thesis ;-) It's certainly an interesting experiment and there are lots of examples.
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