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JavaScript Weekly Issue 57
December 16, 2011
Welcome to JavaScript Weekly. A ton of code and libraries in particular today! So without further ado.. - Peter.
DailyJS's JavaScript Developer Survey 2011 Results Remember last week when I suggested you take DailyJS's JavaScript developer survey? The results are out, all 2805 rows of them. Node.js takes 71% of the server side JS market and 58% of us aren't unit testing our JavaScript - oops.
Node.js's Official Web Site Gets a Redesign
Qooxdoo 1.6 Released: A Flexible RIA Framework qooxdoo is a flexible, class based, object oriented JavaScript rich interactive app framework. It has reached version 1.6 which includes extensive offline features, CSS3 animations and transforms, new mobile widgets, and more.
SproutCore 2.0 is now Ember.js
From our Sponsor
SOLID JavaScript: The Single Responsibility Principle 'SOLID' is a set of 5 object oriented design principles and Derek Greer kicks off a 5 part series taking a look at each item. First up is the Single Responsibility Principle, the idea that objects of a single class should only have one reason to change (that is, carry one responsibility).
A Case Against Using CoffeeScript After writing CoffeeScript for a while, Ryan Florence is on the fence and since, he says, there are few educated criticisms of CoffeeScript out there, he's happy to fill the gap. I like CoffeeScript but his points are well thought out and this article went big on a lot of social networks this week.
Implementing a Parallel Map in JavaScript with Web Workers
Polyfilling The HTML5 Gaps With JavaScript
A well designed presentation by Addy Osmani about 'leaving no feature behind' by using JavaScript to smooth over browsers' feature gaps, such as WebGL on IE, WebSockets, CSS3 and more. Excellent.
OS.File, Step-by-Step: The Schedule API
Mock Testing CouchDB in node.js with Nock and TAP
Videos and Media
CoffeeScript is for Closers A 40 minute presentation by Brandon Satrom talking about CoffeeScript. He frames the JavaScript vs CoffeeScript argument by digging into the what, where, how, and why of CoffeeScript. Lots of examples and citations.
Code and Libraries
Esprima: A Fast JavaScript Parser Written in JavaScript Esprima is a JavaScript parser written in pure JavaScript by Ariya Hidayat (also creator of PhantomJS). The output of the parser is a syntax tree in JSON, formatted compatible to Mozilla Parser API. This introductory blog post is worth the read.
Node Modules You Should Know About: request Request is the 'swiss army knife of HTTP streaming.' It's interesting because it can stream data over HTTP from server to server, not just as a download or upload from the current machine.
Windows Azure SDK for Node.js Windows Azure is a cloud platform used to build, host and scale web applications through Microsoft's data centers. The Windows Azure SDK for Node provides Azure PowerShell and Node.js for Windows in one install.
Sequelize: A MySQL ORM for Node Sequelize provides easy access to MySQL databases by mapping database entries to objects and vice versa using the popular object relational mapper (ORM) pattern.
node_redis: A Redis Client API Library A complete Redis client for node.js. It supports all Redis commands, including many recently added commands like EVAL from experimental Redis server branches.
ntwitter: Asynchronous Twitter REST, Streaming and Searching Client API for Node
JSGestureRecognizer: JS Port of UIGestureRecognizer for Mobile Safari In an iOS app, UIGestureRecognizer provides an object oriented way to attach actions to different gestures. JSGestureRecognizer is a port that allows you to get similar functionality in JavaScript when running on iOS's Mobile Safari.
Forever Web UI: A Web UI for NodeJS Process Administration
Import: File Importing for CoffeeScript and JavaScript Ever wanted to have an #import statement in CoffeeScript or JavaScript that works like #include in other languages? Devon Govett makes it happen.
jquery.mentionsInput: Easy @mentions in Text Input jquery.mentionsInput is a small UI component that allows you to "@mention" someone in a text message, just like you are used to on Facebook or Twitter. Check out the demo.
jQuery.Gantt: Gantt Charts in JavaScript
Rickshaw: JS Toolkit for Creating Interactive Time Series Graphs
Last but not least..
JSPkg: A New Place to Host JavaScript Packages JSPkg is an attempt to create a centralized JavaScript package repository and discovery site. It's still super new but might be an interesting way forward.
The Node Toolbox: Node Libraries, Categorized
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