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JavaScript Weekly Issue 60
January 6, 2012
Happy new year! I think a lot of folks decided to get their heads down with some JavaScript coding over the holidays as this issue's code and libraries section is close to exploding.. :-) - Peter
Node.js's Standard Library Ported to CoffeeScript.. In A Single Pull Request In an unsurprisingly controversial pull request on GitHub, Michael Jackson has shared a commit that removes all of Node.js's JavaScript-based standard library, replacing it with a CoffeeScript port instead. Get ready for the barrage of meme pictures in response..
WebStorm 3.0: A JavaScript IDE from JetBrains JetBrains, well known for their Java and Ruby IDEs, have released a new version of WebStorm, their JS focused IDE. It now even supports Node, CoffeeScript, JSLint and JsTestDriver. It's a paid product but JB offers a free version for open source projects, it seems.
Douglas Crockford Shows Off 'JSDev' Douglas Crockford (of JavaScript: The Good Parts fame) has begun work on a JavaScript 'filter' that can activate specially tagged comments in JavaScript code in order to make testing a more pleasurable experience. A proof of concept at the moment, it seems, but might be worth commenting on if you work on JS tooling.
jQuery Custom Events are Pretty Cool Chris Coyier shows off how and why using custom events in your jQuery code can be more flexible than implementing callbacks instead. A short and sweet example of a good jQuery practice.
Understanding JavaScript OOP I'm not sure how I missed this when it was posted in October 2011 but this walkthrough of JavaScript's object orientation features makes for a good read.
Making a jQuery Countdown Timer Martin Angelov walks through the process of building a countdown timer using jQuery, well suited for a 'coming soon' or event-oriented page.
JsFiddle Tips And Tricks
Podcast: Chris Williams and Matthew Podwysocki Discuss the JS Community In this latest episode of the Herding Code podcast, Chris Williams (JSConf) and Matthew Podwysocki (Microsoft) talk about the JavaScript community and emerging JavaScript trends. It's over an hour long.
Writing jQuery Plugins using CoffeeScript
Backbone Fundamentals: Unit Testing Addy Osmani is continuing to write his open source Backbone Fundamentals book on GitHub and has just released the 'unit testing' section. Want to learn how to test Backbone.js apps using Jasmine? This is a good place to start.
Code and Libraries
jQuery UI Bootstrap: Twitter's Bootstramp in a JQuery UI Theme Twitter's 'Bootstrap' framework has become a popular starting point for folks designing pages for their webapps. Addy Osmani has been working on bringing Bootstrap's stylings to a jQuery UI theme. Looks good so far.
Sandbox: A JavaScript Sandbox for Node.js Sandbox is a new project by Gianni Chiappetta that can be used to execute untrusted code from Node.js in a separate sandboxed process.
impress.js: Presentations Built on CSS3 Transforms and Transitions Ever seen the 'Prezi' presentation tool where presentations are on a giant canvas that you spin and navigate around? Impress.js brings a similar concept to the world of HTML-based slideshows.
node-virtualbox: A JS Library to Interact with VirtualBox VirtualBox is a popular, open source x86 virtualization tool and node-virtualbox provides a way to simplify calls to its command line interface from Node. A handy example of a super simple Node library to look at code-wise too.
Matador: An MVC Framework for Node
Gitview: A JS Widget to List GitHub Repositories Gitview is a JavaScript widget you can include on any page to show off your GitHub repositories. Github-badge has done this for years, but Gitview has an interesting GitHub style presentation format including the weekly commit bars.
syze: JS Powered Dynamic CSS Classes for Screen Size or Device Types syze is a library for JavaScript that lets you easily target your designs by device or browser sizes. syze makes designing for desktops, televisions, tablets, and mobile devices simultaneously as easy as CSS.
asyncblock: A Flow Control Library Built on Top of Fibers in V8
FeedEk: An RSS and Atom Feed Reader and Parser jQuery Plugin Holy buzzwords, batman! FeedEk is a jQuery plugin that can read and parse RSS and Atom feeds from any domain. The code behind it is very simple and seems to learn on Google's Ajax feed reading API.
Introducing filer.js: A Wrapper for the HTML5 Filesystem API filer.js is a well tested wrapper for the HTML5 Filesystem API which gives you access to a sandboxed filesystem from JavaScript. It uses familiar UNIX commands in its API (e.g. cp, mv, ls).
Jaws: An HTML5 and Javascript Game Engine / Development Library
Last but not least..
JavaScript Raytracer An interesting live demo of a JavaScript-powered raytracer that uses a custom CSS-like syntax for defining objects and portals within the rendered scene.
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