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JavaScript Weekly Issue 61
January 13, 2012
Sitting down to put this issue together, I had 45 items ready - the JavaScript world has gone into overdrive! I've curated them so you can make it through this issue before the next one ;-)
In other news, I'm co-chairing a new JavaScript-focused O'Reilly conference called 'Fluent.' The call for proposals just opened but closes again soon on January 31. Want to come and share your JavaScript expertise in SF in late May? - Peter.
Fluent 2012 CFP Open: O'Reilly's New JavaScript Conference (San Francisco, May 29-31)
Fluent is a new O'Reilly conference covering the JavaScript and ancillary technologies space - basically everything you'd expect to see in JavaScript Weekly and HTML5 Weekly. The call for proposals is now open but closes in just a couple of weeks. Tickets aren't on sale till late February, however.
Node v0.6.7 Released
JSConf US 2012's Site Goes Live (Scottsdale, AZ, Apr 2-3) The popular JSConf US event gets a fancy new site and announces its first batch of tickets will go on sale next Wednesday (January 18) at 3pm EST. They tend to sell out fast so make it a date.
Mulberry 0.3 Released: Framework to Build iOS and Android Apps with Web Technologies
From Our Sponsor
JavaScript Needs Blocks Last year Brendan Eich put together a proposal for 'block lambdas' in ECMAScript (so eventually JS too). In this article, Yehuda Katz picks up on why he thinks JavaScript would be significantly improved by their inclusion.
What You May Not Know About jQuery (in 5 Methods) An explanation and live examples of five different jQuery methods that Burke Holland wasn't previously aware of. Nicely done.
JS Security With Untrusted Code - Some Approaches
An Interactive Version of 'Smooth CoffeeScript' Smooth CoffeeScript is an introductory CoffeeScript book by E. Hoigaard based around Marijn Haverbeke's Eloquent JavaScript. This single page version of the book is particularly interesting as all of the examples are interactive and allow you to adjust the code in real time.
Writing Quality Third-Party JS: Part 1 - The First Rule Rakesh Pai kicks off a series of posts about building 'third party' services that other people embed into their pages using JavaScript. The first rule? Remember that you don't own the user's page.
JavaScript's 'eval' Considered Crazy Andy Wingo has come to a realization: 'JavaScript's eval is absolutely crazy.' But why? Enjoy the tour.
Programming Styles in the Node.js Community Alex Young of DailyJS looks at some of the code style conventions of three popular Node.js developers and looks at why it's worth paying attention to stylistic issues.
Password Strength Verification with jQuery
Case Study: How and Why to Build a Consumer App with Node.js On the surface, Paul Serby, CTO of Clock, presents a typical case study, but caps it off with a handy roundup of the stack they used, including libraries like Express, Jade, and Winston.
Code and Libraries
Backbone Boilerplate: A Starter Kit for Backbone.js Apps Backbone Boilerplate is a set of best practices and utilities for building Backbone.js applications. You get Backbone, Underscore and jQuery with an HTML5 Boilerplate foundation, build tools, code snippets, and a lightweight Node.js Web server.
jmpress.js: A jQuery Plugin to Build a Site on the Infinite Canvas Remember impress.js, the Prezi-style 'infinite canvas' JS presentations tool? jmpress.js goes along similar lines but is a jQuery plugin. It also feels smoother to me, at least in this demo presentation.
Color Thief: Extract An Image's Color Palette using JavaScript The Color Thief will rifle through any images you give it, pull out a useful color palette and figure out the 'dominant' color in the image. And all using JS and the canvas element. A well presented library.
MacGap: A Desktop WebKit wrapper for HTML/CSS/JS Apps on OS X
Dojo Boilerplate: A Starter Kit for Dojo Development Dojo Toolkit bills itself as 'the toolkit experienced developers turn to for building high quality desktop and mobile web applications' and the Dojo Boilerplate is a way to rapidly get up and running building Dojo apps.
PromptuMenu: Smartphone-Style List Menus A jQuery plugin that allows you to display list items in a similar style to an iPhone home screen, including multiple swiping screens.
Scrollorama: jQuery Plugin for 'Cool Scrolly Stuff'
js.js: A JavaScript Interpreter in JavaScript What happens when you convert Mozilla's SpiderMonkey into JavaScript using Emscripten? You get a JavaScript-based JavaScript interpreter. Very much a proof of concept and incredibly slow, but an interesting idea nonetheless.
sift.js: MongoDB-style Array Filtering in JS
visitor.js: Website Personalization Using Geolocation and Other Visitor Data As a paid service, I hesitated to include this, but visitor.js is an interesting and well executed example of a hosted JavaScript service. What does it do? Gives you access to lots of useful info about your Web site's visitors.
session.js: Think visitor.js (above) but Open Source ;-)
Veneer: Simple Modal Dialogs in JavaScript (on MooTools) A very simple but fast and attractive modal dialog library that has only MooTools as a dependency.
Marked: A Fast Full-Featured Markdown Compiler and Parser in JS
ExpectThat: A CoffeeScript Assertion Library An expressive, self-documenting, assertion library for CoffeeScript, that seeks to improve testing efforts with your favorite testing framework.
liquid.js: An In-Browser Implementation of the Liquid Templating Language
Last but not least..
@JavaScriptDaily: JavaScript Weekly on Twitter (Sort Of)
A few days ago I lamented that I had too many links to go into JSW each week and Addy Osmani suggested I set up a Twitter account for a larger daily stream of links I find. So @JavaScriptDaily is an adjunct of JSW with far less detail but a faster flow of JS links.
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