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JavaScript Weekly Issue 67
February 24, 2012
Making Music with JavaScript is Easy (Teaching the Robots to Sing) The ever engaging Giles Bowkett is working on a music and beat generator using Node.js. He's released a free 35 minute introduction showing how to use MIDI to interact with software synthesizers using JavaScript and Node.
WebKit's JavaScript Engine Gets a New Layer for Extra Speed A little technical but WebKit's JavaScript engine JavaScriptCore (which Safari uses but Chrome does not) has gotten a third layer, an interpreter called LLInt. It gives a big performance boost by being able to run code more quickly upfront until the JIT is proven hot.
Mozilla Labs Apps: Submissions Opening Soon Mozilla is launching an app store focused on HTML5 and JavaScript apps soon and plans to open the app submission process next week.
Isaac Schlueter and Brendan Eich Discuss JavaScript's Unicode Handling
From Our Sponsor
Valid JavaScript Variable Names Mathias Bynens looks at what can pass for a valid JavaScript variable name by poking around the ECMAScript specs. He shares a ton of both useful and wacky findings in this post.
Learn from Haskell: Functional, Reusable JavaScript Sean Hess has been learning Haskell and thinks there are a few ideas and styles common to Haskell development that make sense to use in JavaScript too, including partial application, function composition, and higher order functions.
Stop Paying Your jQuery Tax Sam Saffron of Stack Overflow examines the advice of moving all of your external JavaScript includes to the footer of the page, demonstrates why it's a good idea, and shares some tips for pulling it off.
Functional JavaScript with CoffeeScript and Node Nothing mind-blowing but if you're not yet on the CoffeeScript train, this introduction by Andrew Glover is a reasonable walkthrough.
How CoffeeScript and Jasmine Made Me a Better JavaScript Developer
Videos and Media
Ember.js Lunch Talk at Carbon Five on Vimeo Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz discuss their new JavaScript MVC ember.js over lunch at Carbon Five. There's about 45 minutes of presentation plus 20 minutes of Q and A.
JavaScript Jabber on Backbone.js with Jeremy Ashkenas The Jabber panel discuss Backbone.js with its creator, Jeremy Ashkenas. With Yehuda Katz (of Ember.js fame) also on the line, it makes for good listening. Is Backbone MVC or not? Find out straight from the horse's mouth.
NodeUp 13: 90 Minutes on New ECMAScript and Node Features OK, it's almost an hour and a half long, but the latest episode of the NodeUp podcast is an interesting group discussion covering new ECMAScript and Node features.
Giles Bowkett on Making Music with JavaScript (repeat from headlines)
Code and Libraries
Tinker: A New, Open Source JSFiddle Alternative Like playing with quick JavaScript, HTML and CSS examples in the browser? Tinker is a new option. This link goes to an example of using Spotify's Search API.
ResponsiveSlides.js: A Responsive Slideshow jQuery Plugin A tiny (792 bytes, minified and gzipped) jQuery plugin that creates a responsive slideshow using images inside a single container. It work with wide range of browsers including all IE versions from IE6 and up.
AtomizeJS: Distributed Software Transactional Memory in JS AtomizeJS is a library for writing distributed programs that run in the browser without having to write any application specific logic on the server. An interesting idea.
Escapes.js: JavaScript and Canvas Library for Rendering ANSI Art
jQuery HTML5 Fullscreen Slideshows A jQuery plugin for creating galleries where the slides are shown full screen using the full screen APIs in Firefox 10+ and Chrome 15+.
jQache: A Simple jQuery Selector Object Cache
LucidJS: Simple Event Emitter Library Lucid allows you to create your own event system and even pipe in events from any number of DOM elements (a la jQuery's custom event triggers).
jquery.textntags: Dynamic '@tagging' Support for Text Fields
Let: Forced Timeouts for Node Scripts 'let' lets you run a Node.js script for a set amount of time. If it takes too long it will be killed.
PHP Gets V8 Integration Extension
V8M: Google's V8 JavaScript Engine Ported to MIPS
Experiment in using Web Workers as a Sandbox for User Code
Last but not least..
JS Libraries to Process Different File Types A handy wiki page listing file types and some JavaScript libraries that can process them. This page is open to edit so feel free to add your own.
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