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JavaScript Weekly Issue 68
March 2, 2012
Tower.js: Rails-Style Full Stack Webapp Framework for Node and the Browser Built on top of Node's Connect and Express and modeled after Ruby on Rails, Tower.js by Lance Pollard is an interesting attempt at building a fuller featured webapp framework for full stack JavaScript developers.
Node 0.7.5 (unstable): Fixes + Startup Speed Improvements
Announcing jQuery Mobile 1.1.0 RC1
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Managing Node.js Dependencies with Shrinkwrap "shrinkwrap" is a new npm command that locks down the versions of a package's dependencies so you can control which versions will be used when your package is installed.
Unit Testing Backbone.js Apps With QUnit And SinonJS Addy Osmani is back again with a detailed post on unit testing Backbone.js apps with QUnit and SinonJS.
Backbone and Ember Googler Boris Smus compares the Backbone.js and Ember frameworks from both practical and philosophical perspectives while citing claims from a publicly logged IRC conversation between project leads Jeremy Ashkenas and Yehuda Katz.
Building a Contacts Manager Using Backbone.js The start of a new series of Nettuts+ posts by Dan Wellman walking through using Backbone.js and Underscore to build a contact manager. Source archive available to download to follow along.
CoffeePhysics: A Fast New Physics Engine Written in CoffeeScript Justin Windle has built a new physics engine called CoffeePhysics using CoffeeScript. The demos are impressive and in this post Devon Govett of Badass JavaScript has asked Justin some questions about the engine.
The Basics of jQuery I doubt most of you are new to jQuery but if you are Andree Hansson's well written intro is a handy primer nonetheless.
Web-Drawing Throwdown: Paper.js Vs. Processing.js Vs. Raphael On Smashing Magazine, Zack Grossbart compares the features of Paper.js, Processing.js and Raphael, and shows off the different approaches in code along the way.
JavaScript Object Creation: Learning to Live Without 'new' Over at the Adobe Developer Connection, Keith Peters looks at object creation in JavaScript using Object.create instead of 'new'.
Backbone.js and Chrome Extensions Mike Knoop of Zapier shares some advice and some code on using Backbone.js when developing an extension for Google Chrome.
Finding Differences in JS Programs using Parse Trees A quick and dirty solution to comparing two JavaScript programs when a simple diff won't do. Michael Weissbacher's approach involves turning a program into a parse tree and then comparing those.
Asynchronous File Uploading Using Express and Node.js
Faster JavaScript through Category Theory
Unix and Node: Command Line Arguments
Videos and Media
16 Step Drum Machine using CoffeeScript and Node.js In a 4 minute video, I show off a simple 16 step drum machine I built using CoffeeScript (inspired by Giles Bowkett's screencast last week). The code is in a Gist linked from the description so you can play along too.
Code and Libraries
UltraREPL: A Turbo Powered REPL for Node.js
UltraREPL kicks Node's default REPL/console up several notches by adding custom keybindings, support for multiple V8 contexts, syntax coloring, and more. Minor downsides for now are no CTRL+D/L support and it left my terminal in bold on quitting.
Morris.js: Time-Series Graphs with jQuery and Raphael
We can always do with more focused, high quality charting libraries and Olly Smith has released Morris.js which produces good looking time-series graphs using jQuery and Raphael.
TOC: A jQuery Plugin for an Automatic 'Table of Contents' TOC automatically generates a table of contents for your page based on the elements of your choice (e.g. h1, h2, h3). It's easy to style and once presented, you just click to smooth scroll to the respective spot on the page.
Chaplin: An Application Architecture for Backbone.js Apps Chaplin is an example architecture for JavaScript applications using the Backbone.js library. It includes class hierarchies (on CoffeeScript), lazy loading of modules with RequireJS, cross module communication with pub/sub, and a ton more.
slabText: A jQuery Plugin for Big, Bold and Responsive Headlines If you want a striking headline on your page that can cope responsively with multiple resolutions, slabText is for you. It's a bit like the popular FitText library but with support for shifting around words over multiple lines using an effective 'slabtype' algorithm.
EpicEditor: Embeddable JavaScript Markdown Editor EpicEditor is an embeddable JavaScript Markdown editor which includes automatic link creation and code fencing. This homepage is great because it has a live demo (with fullscreen support) and a simple explanation of how to use it all in the one place. Smashing.
Radio.js: Chainable and Depencency-Free Pub/Sub for JavaScript Radio.js is a small dependency-free publish/subscribe javascript library. Use it to implement the observer pattern in your code to help decouple your application architecture for greater maintainability. And.. what a logo!
JsFormat: JavaScript Formatting Plugin for Sublime Text 2
Last but not least..
Status Code: My Newsletter for Inquisitive Programmers
Keeping up on new trends and ideas in the world of software development can feel like a full-time job so join me over at Status Code to get a wealth of programmer brain-candy every Wednesday. Be warned, though, plenty of algorithms, C, language implementation and VM stuff.. it's at the more technical end of the spectrum.
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