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JavaScript Weekly Issue 69
March 9, 2012
Ever wondered why certain items are (or aren't) in JSW? I've made my editorial policies explicit at
I'm also excited to announce O'Reilly Fluent, the JavaScript conference I'm co-chairing, has unveiled its initial registration site and speaker list. Check out the link below for info. - Peter
Early O'Reilly Fluent Registration and Program Goes Live Sporting a generic design until next week, the O'Reilly Fluent conference (of which I'm a co-chair) has opened for registration and shared its initial batch of speakers, including Amy Hoy, Brendan Eich, Steve Souders, Wes Bos, and Lea Verou. It takes place in San Francisco between May 29-31.
jQuery Gets Its Own Foundation The jQuery Board has announced the formation of the jQuery Foundation, Inc, an independent organization that will manage jQuery and its constituent projects. It's being led by jQuery Core's head developer, Dave Methvin.
NotConf: A (Free) JSConf Pre-Conference Headed to JSConf next month? Consider stopping off at NotConf first, a free pre-conference for JSConf attendees. You can even apply to speak or give a demo if you missed out on the chance at JSConf itself.
Sencha Touch 2.0 Released
PhoneGap 1.5 Released (The HTML + JS to Native Mobile Apps Tool)
Node 0.6.12 (stable branch) Released
From Our Sponsor
Allen Wirfs-Brock: 'JavaScript will be the canonical language for the next 20+ years' Speaking at QCon London 2012 this week, Mozilla Research Fellow Allen Wirfs-Brock laid out what he believes will be the future of the ECMAScript specification.
How to Build Fast HTML5 Mobile Apps using Backbone, Zepto, and
jQuery Tip #5: Using jQuery's end() Function The latest in a handy set of jQuery tips posts by Dan Wahlin.
50+ JavaScript / HTML5 Frameworks and Related Tools Brian Rinaldi of Adobe has put together a simple list of frameworks with a short description and license info.
Scraping Web Pages with jQuery, Node.js and Jsdom
Understanding Ember.Object A fan of the Ember.js (ne Sproutcore 2) framework? Dan Gebhardt provides a pretty deep tour of how its common Ember.Object object works and what it's useful for.
ECMAScript 5: A Revolution in Object Properties A look at ECMAScript 5's more elaborate approach to working with object properties by Andrew Croxall.
Videos and Media
JavaScript Jabber on JavaScript Objects The JavaScript Jabber crew takes fifty minutes to discuss the intimate details and peculiarities of JavaScript objects on their fine panel podcast.
Operating Node.js in Production An interview with Bryan Cantrill of Joyent about the challenges of operating Node.js in production environments and the experiences he's had with it at Joyent.
Code and Libraries
Kalendae: A Framework Agnostic JavaScript Date Selector
Kalendae is a flexible, fully skinnable, dependency free (moment.js is baked in), and cross browser JavaScript 'date picker.' Doesn't look bad at all.
Blur.js: jQuery Plugin for Blurry Page Elements A jQuery plugin that produces psuedo-transparent blurred elements over other elements.
SQL.js: SQLite Compiled to JavaScript via Emscripten
Threads A GoGo: Threads for Node.js? A native Node.js module providing an asynchronous, evented and/or continuation passing style API to non-event-loop JavaScript threads running in the background, all from within a single Node process. Check out the example listings.
ShellJS: Portable Unix Shell Command Implementations for Node.js
basket.js: Script Loader That Caches Scripts in localStorage Addy Osmani is experimenting with caching JavaScript scripts in the browser localStorage. basket.js is a proof of concept.
Graphene: A D3.js and Backbone.js Visual Dashboard Toolkit
APIConnect: A JS Client Library for Server Side APIs APIConnect is a library aiming to abstract away some of the steps necessary when working with a remote API in JavaScript. The examples are quite elegant.
Bacon: Functional Reactive Programming Lib for JavaScript
BankersBox: Redis-like Wrapper in JavaScript for localStorage
queryIndexedDB: A Small Query Framework for IndexedDB
Last but not least..
Throne of JS, a Client Side JS Framework Conf (July 20-22 in Toronto) Throne of JS is a two day conference bringing together the creators of seven client side JavaScript frameworks to talk about their creations in depth. Tickets are selling so quick the early-birds are already gone..
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