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JavaScript Weekly Issue 70
March 16, 2012
Welcome to issue 70 of JavaScript Weekly. Sorry for being a few hours late today! I won't make a habit of it :-)
jQuery 1.7.2 RC1 Released jQuery 1.7.2 is just around the corner, but for now we'll have to make do with a release candidate version. Get testing in advance now.
Node 0.6.13 (stable) and 0.7.6 (unstable) Released Many libuv fixes (aimed at Windows) and an update of npm to 1.1.9 are the highlights. There's also been a release of 0.7.6 over on the unstable branch.
From Our Sponsor
Stricter Equality in Dr. Axel Rauschmayer looks at the thorny topic of checking equality in JavaScript and shows off the 'is' operator coming along in ECMAScript 6, including why you'll want to use it.
JavaScript Getters and Setters: Varying Approaches
How To Write Low Garbage, Real Time JavaScript For HTML5 games written in Javascript, one of the biggest obstacles to a smooth experience is garbage collection (GC) pauses. Ashley Gullen of Scirra shows us how to reduce these pauses through careful coding.
It's Time to Start Using JavaScript Strict Mode ECMAScript 5 introduced 'strict mode' to JavaScript. The intent is to allow developers to opt-in to a 'better' version of JavaScript, where some of the most common and egregious errors are handled differently. Nicholas C Zakas shows us how.
7 Resources Every JavaScript Developer Should Know Rob Bazinet has put together links to some handy JavaScript resources (including this very newsletter!) that are worth knowing about. The JavaScript Jabber podcast is particularly good.
Fibers and Threads in Node.js - What For? Bruno Jouhier shares his insights on the concurrency options of fibers and threads in Node (both implemented through various libraries) and how they have different roles to play.
Implementing Garbage Collection with Aspect-Oriented Programming
Using Event Capturing to Improve Basecamp Page Load Times Sam Stephenson of 37signals shows off some techniques they're using to boost the load times of their pages on Basecamp by deferring the initialization of rich JavaScript elements by capturing mouse clicks hitting those elements.
On machina.js: Implementing Finite State Machines in JavaScript
Backbone-Relational Tutorial: Nested Models With Backbone.js
JavaScript Performance MythBusters A 4-man presentation slidedeck (originally given at SXSW) covering 15 different JavaScript performance 'myths' and whether they're true or not.
Code and Libraries
1KB JavaScript Speech Synthesizer I have no experience with text to speech algorithms but this 1KB JavaScript example that directly generates a WAV audio data URL is impressive. Check out the code!
Smooth.js: Turn Arrays into Smooth Functions Smooth.js takes an array of numbers or vectors and returns a parametric function that continuously interpolates that array. Smooth.js supports several interpolation methods, and flexible options for boundary behavior. It's implemented in CoffeeScript.
XRegExp: Extended JavaScript Regular Expressions XRegExp provides augmented, extensible JavaScript regular expressions. You get new syntax, flags, and methods beyond what browsers support natively.
jQuery Scroll Path: Plugin for Defining Custom Scroll Paths Having weird and wacky stuff happen while the user's scrolling down your page seems to be the in thing right now, and jQuery Scroll Path makes it even easier to produce a striking effect by directing the scroll along a 'path' of your creation.
Reified: Binary Data Mapping for JS An implementation of various struct, array, number, and bitarray types. Claims to be similar to ES6 binary data, but not API compatible.
jQuery.dotdotdot: Cross-browser Ellipses for Multiple Line Content Got too much text for an element but don't want it to scroll or to cut off with overflow: hidden? dotdotdot gives us an elegant alternative.
Expound: Declarative Construction of JavaScript Objects
Wob: An Experiment in Concurrency A library for transforming ordinary functions into asynchronous functions running in their own threads using Web Workers. It claims to do this by 'doing things that upset Douglas Crockford'!
Natural: Natural Language Programming for Node.js A general natural language toolkit. Tokenization, stemming, classification, phonetics, tf*idf, WordNet, string similarity, and some inflection operations are currently supported.
Whiskey: A Test Framework Open Sourced by Rackspace Whiskey bills itself as 'a powerful test runner for NodeJS applications'. In this post, the folks at Rackspace try and sell us on it ;-)
JavaScript RGB Password: Color Patterns Based on User Password Entry
doubleSuggest: jQuery Plugin for Auto Suggestions As You Type
Springbase Relational Database 'Driver' for Node.js Springbase is a service that provides remote database services (amongst other things) and they've released a JavaScript 'driver' to work with the service so you can roll together a simple database app on the fly. They have a free tier you can play with for now.
Last but not least..
Beautiful Front End Code with Backbone and Coffescript (Cincinnati, OH) A 3 day intensive course by Gaslight Software this April that'll take you through Jasmine, CoffeeScript, and Backbone.js, so you can come out the other side happy with building rich JavaScript apps (Note: I make a small commission on this.)
Scriptular: An Online JavaScript Regular Expression Editor/Tester
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