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JavaScript Weekly Issue 71
March 23, 2012
jQuery San Francisco Conference, June 28-29 2012 The jQuery core team have announced the latest in their line of jQuery conferences. It's in downtown SF in late June. Want to speak? The CFP is open until May 13, and you can even recommend other people if you don't want to speak yourself.
jQuery 1.7.2 Released
O'Reilly's Free JavaScript Summit/Unconference in San Francisco on March 29 O'Reilly is holding a small JavaScript 'unconference' in downtown SF next week. Want to come too? Space is tight but you can register your interest here. I'm going to be there if you want to say hi :-)
JSConf Argentina, May 19-20 2012 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
From Our Sponsor
Introduction to JavaScript Source Maps Want to keep your client-side code readable and easily debuggable even after you've combined and minified it, without impacting performance? Now you can through the magic of source maps. Ryan Seddon shows us how.
A Google Maps Debugging Session Hallvord R. M. Steen gives us an extended tour of a debugging session he had with Google Maps' codebase. Deep stuff. Grab a coffee!
My JS1K Entry: Making Music with the Audio Data API Toby Ho presents an awesome code driven analysis of his 979 byte music generation code (which, sadly, didn't meet JS1K rules so was disqualified).
Using the DataJS Library for Data-Centric JavaScript Webapps DataJS is a Microsoft library that brings together JSON, OData and HTML5 features to build data centric webapps. Adobe's Brian Rinaldi takes a look at it.
We Work at Microsoft and We Use Node.js Yep, Microsoft seems to be a big fan of Node.js (and has worked hard getting the Windows version running well). In this post, Elad Ben-Israel shares some of what MS is doing, and there's a Channel 9 interview to watch too.
How to Build a Single Page News Aggregator with Backbone.js
Backbone.js In Action Within The Benefit Bank Online Service A case study of The Benefit Bank's use of Backbone.js to modernize their reporting front ends. Digs into the structure of their Backbone code with code examples.
JavaScript Design Patterns, Part 1: Singleton, Composite, and Facade Over at the Adobe Developer Connection, Joseph Zimmerman kicks off a series of posts looking at common design patterns used in JavaScript.
Partial Application in JavaScript Revisited
Unix and Node: Processes DailyJS' Alex Young notes that Node developers often need to launch and manage external processes from Node. But how? Alex explains.
Resources and Tools
Async JavaScript, a New E-book by Trevor Burnham
Trevor Burnham has unveiled an e-book all about asynchronous and event driven concepts in JavaScript, such as promises and deferreds, async.js, and Web Workers. It costs $9.99 and comes in PDF, EPUB and Mobi/Kindle formats. (Disclaimer: I have no financial connection but I did review the book in beta.)
Codiqa: jQuery Mobile Prototype Builder
A pretty smart Web-based jQuery Mobile design environment. It's so impressive that they've added a Codiqa widget on the jQuery Mobile homepage too.
Code School Unveils Its 'Anatomy of Backbone' Course Code School is a paid-for online coding education site. They, along with Eric Allam, have built a full Backbone.js course and the first level is free (but the rest is paid, alas).
Code and Libraries
JSON 3: ECMAScript 5 Compliant JSON For All JSON 3 is an ECMAScript 5-compliant JSON implementation. Its objective is to provide a reasonably fast library compatible with a variety of older environments (acting as a polyfill).
PhantomJS 1.5 Released: Headless WebKit with a JavaScript API PhantomJS is a handy headless browser with a JavaScript API, ideal for headless testing, SVG rendering, etc. Version 1.5 offers a pure headless (no X11) experience on Linux, removal of plugin support, XHR security control, a REPL, and more.
sigma.js: Lightweight JavaScript Graph Drawing Library A new open-source lightweight JavaScript library to draw graphs, using the Canvas element. It can interactively display both static and dynamically generated graphs.
Envision: Fast, Dynamic and Interactive HTML5 Visualizations
Another JavaScript visualization and graph library. I love the bite size demos and clean code behind this. Worth checking out.
jQuery Plugin Development Boilerplate Code
Monorail.js: Ultra Lightweight MVC Framework for Node.js I come before you good people tonight with an idea. Probably the greatest. Aw, it's not for you. It's more of a Shelbyville idea.
MailCheck.js: jQuery Plugin Suggesting Fixes for Commonly Mistyped Email Addresses
Hammer.js: Multi-touch Gestures Library It seems you can touch this. Hammer.js is a small multi-touch gesture library that supports tap, double tap, drag and more. It depends on jQuery and has pretty good cross browser support.
PDF.js powered built-in PDF support added to Firefox nightly
A JavaScript Job
Web and JavaScript Developer at Hive (near Leicester, UK)
Last but not least..
Electric Potential Pong A simple pong game built in Processing.js (with source). The twist is the ball is influenced by an electrical field in the background. Worth it to get a look at some processing.js source at least.
Water: A Visual, Live Coding/Updating Demo Have you seen Bret Victor's awesome Inventing on Principle talk? No? Gasp! Well, never fear, enjoy this implementation of his live updating coding idea by Gabriel Florit. Change the code and see the effects live.
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