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JavaScript Weekly Issue 72
March 30, 2012
I'm in San Francisco for the JavaScript summit I mentioned last week and it's harder doing this on the road than I'd thought. So if there any problems.. I'm back to a full (and at home) service next week :-) - Peter.
Consensus Reached to Bring Arrow-Notated Functions to ECMAScript 6 Brendan Eich has announced the results of a recent TC39 meeting on the development of ECMAScript 6. Imagine code like this: 'let square = x => x * x;' Consensus has been reached and you can see the overall proposal here.
JS.everywhere(2012): Call For Speakers Open Till June 29 JS.everywhere is a business and webapp focused JavaScript conference taking place in Silicon Valley in October. They've opened a call for speakers and you'd need to get your session in with them by June 29.
Javascript University: Free JS Workshops in San Diego JavaScriptU is a group of six free, interactive, in-person workshops dedicated to JavaScript. They take place in San Diego and the next one is in mid April.
Node 0.6.14 (stable) Released
From Our Sponsor
A Tron Game in 219 Bytes of JavaScript - Explained Alok Menghrajani and some coworkers set out to do some JavaScript 'golfing' and came up with a 219 byte 'tron' style game. The techniques used are interesting and they're all explained here.
Building Backbone.js Apps With Ruby, Sinatra, MongoDB and Haml An extensive tutorial by Addy Osmani on building a Backbone.js at both the front and back ends. The server side part is powered by Ruby's light but powerful webapp DSL Sinatra.
HOWTO: Port a C/C++ Library to JavaScript Alon Zakai of Mozilla has ported several libraries to JavaScript recently using Emscripten, such as libxml and SQLite. In this post, he shares his general technique.
JavaScript's Two Zeroes: +0 and -0 Did you know JavaScript has two different representations of zero? Many languages do (due to IEEE standards) and this post by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer is the most extensive JS-oriented walkthrough of the concept I've seen.
Why Node.js Streams are Awesome
Braceless Programming Anders Janmyr isn't a fan of curly brackets/braces and wants to reduce their use when possible. See how he does it by breaking up his code.
How to Create Infinite Scroll Pagination
Synchronous Module Loading in ES6
Why Minify JavaScript?
Code and Libraries
Rainbow.js: Simple Code Syntax Highlighting Rainbow is a code syntax highlighting library written in Javascript. It was designed to be lightweight (1.4kb), easy to use, extendable, and is themable via CSS.
Introducing Grunt: A Task-Based CLI Build Tool for JS Projects Ben Alman introduces a new tool he's built to take the repetition out of working with JavaScript projects. Grunt is a task-based build tool and he gives a rationale for it here.
Crossfilter: Fast Multidimensional Filtering for Coordinated Views A library for exploring large multivariate datasets in the browser. Crossfilter supports rapid interaction with coordinated views, even with datasets containing a million or more records. It was built to power analytics at payment provider Square.
PouchDB: Portable CouchDB Implementation in JavaScript PouchDB is an implementation of the CouchDB storage and views API that supports peer-to-peer replication with other CouchDB instances. The browser version is written for IndexedDatabase (part of HTML5).
Service Logging in JSON with Bunyan Bunyan is a node.js module for logging in JSON which includes a CLI tool for viewing the logs. This post on the official Node blog digs deep into the motivations and usage.
Backbone.Paginator - New Pagination Components For Backbone.js The latest from Addy Osmani!
JavaScript Libraries for All Things 'Touch' A GitHub wiki page listing Javascript libraries for dealing with touch events, multitouch, normalizing across the Webkit/IE touch models, etc.
BitArray: Pure JavaScript Bit Array/Bitfield Implementation
Plunker: Edit, Fork, and Preview Web and JS Snippets Online Familiar with JSFiddle? Plunker is similar but takes the concept further with support for live linting, an arbitrary number of files per 'snippet', and more.
Last but not least..
Fluent 2012: O'Reilly JavaScript Conference - Best Price Ends Next Week
I'm co-chairing the new O'Reilly Fluent conference (in SF on May 29-31) and the best pricing ends next week on April 5. The new site has most of the program and keynoters listed. Come and learn from awesome folks like Brendan Eich, Steve Souders, Paul Irish, and Lea Verou. Also, code "JSWEEK20" will get you 20% off.
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