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JavaScript Weekly Issue 73
April 6, 2012
The Winner of JS1K 2012: 'Autumn Evening' The winner of this year's JS1K contest to build the most impressive thing you can in 1KB of JavaScript. The winner is an animated sunset scene with a tree shedding its leaves.
Yahoo! Open Sources Mojito, Its JS Framework Mojito is an MVC JavaScript framework built by Yahoo (on top of YUI 3) that runs on both client and server side. It has now been open sourced under a BSD license.
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What Is The Meaning Of 'this'? Douglas Crockford looks at the always interesting role of 'this' in JavaScript and speculates on what ECMAScript 6 might bring to the party.
From C++ to JS via Emscripten, Porting A C++ Game to the Web A high level explanation of how Alon Zakai ported an open source game developed in C++ (and using SDL for graphics) to the Web using Emscripten. Did you know Emscripten support SDL through the HTML5 Canvas element? Nice!
Pseudo-Classical OOP in JavaScript with Minion Over at the Adobe Developer Connection, Brian Rinaldi talks about Minion, a lightweight library for defining classes with support for classical style object-oriented inheritance and composition in JavaScript.
Extending JavaScript - The Right Way A look at adding functions to core prototypes, along with some examples of the sort of functions you might want to add.
Object-Orientation and Inheritance in JavaScript: A Comprehensive Explanation Manuel Kiessling covers some of the principles of object orientation and prototypal inheritance in JavaScript from the basics step by step.
JavaScript XML Documentation in Visual Studio 11 Microsoft Visual Studio user? If you're on 11, you can embed documentation for your JavaScript functions in an XML format that VS's IntelliSense system can use.
Writing a Node Module A code driven walkthrough of creating a Node.js module right from creating a new directory through to publishing it for the world to install with npm.
Unit Testing Ember.js: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Runloop
Tutorial: Developing HTML5 Canvas Games for Facebook with JavaScript Manuel Kiessling kicks off a series about building a Canvas-based game in JavaScript from the absolute basics.
Videos and Media
JavaScript Jabber: Testing JavaScript with Joe Eames Charles Max Wood, Jamison Dance, and Joe Eames discuss the processes and tools involved in testing JavaScript code, from Selenium through to Jasmine. 45 minutes long.
PeepCode Releases Full Stack Node.js PeepCode is famous in the Ruby community for releasing high quality screencasts and they're continuing with this role in the JavaScript world too. This new screencast digs into Node.js, Express, Mocha tests, CoffeeScript, and for building a full JavaScript webapp.
Code and Libraries
Mine[love]Craft: An Impressive JS1K Entry
It wasn't the winner (it came 4th though!) but Mine[love]Craft, a MineCraft inspired sandboxing block world, blew me away for what it pulls off in a mere 1K of JavaScript. Hats off to you if the implementation is obvious!
ES5-Shim: Make Legacy JS Engines Behave As Close As Possible to ES5 ES5-Shim is an attempt to provide compatibility shims for older or non-compliant JavaScript implementations to support ECMAScript 5 features.
pep.jquery.js: Kinetic Drag on Mobile and Desktop
River: Modular JS Dev Framework Based on the Facade/Mediator Pattern
Qatrix: Yet Another JavaScript Framework (Focusing on Performance) A lightweight JavaScript framework for building performant webapps with less code. It covers many of the same use cases as jQuery but claims to be faster (and has an online benchmark suite to try and prove it.)
Introducing Backbone Routes Backbone Routes is an attempt at providing a central place to define all of your routing logic, Rails style.
Filtrify: Advanced Tag Filtering with HTML5 and jQuery
18 Most Popular jQuery Plugins of March 2012 Yep, a list post! A few interesting picks here that I hadn't seen before though.
Pivot.js: Simply Summarize Large Data Sets on the Fly
Node.js Engineer at Voxer (San Francisco) Voxer is one of the fastest growing mobile communications apps and claims to have, potentially, the world's largest Node.js installation. Want to work on that? Learn more here.
Last but not least..
What is Dart? - A Free O'Reilly E-Book
A concise e-book by Kathy Walrath and Seth Ladd covering the Dart language, libraries, and tools that help you develop structured, fast, and maintainable web apps that run in any modern browser. If you want an overview of what Dart's about, this is another place to start.
Nodetime: Performance Profiler for Node.js Nodetime reveals response time and other internals of HTTP requests and underlying HTTP / database calls in your Node.js application. Coupled with related process and OS state information it allows you to trace performance problems down to their root cause.
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