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JavaScript Weekly Issue 74
April 13, 2012
CoffeeScript 1.3.x Released CoffeeScript 1.3.0 landed this week, rapidly followed by a bug fix in the shape of 1.3.1. CoffeeScript now enforces all of JavaScript's Strict Mode early syntax errors at compile time, its REPL has a multi-line entry mode and, well, much more ;-)
PhoneGap 1.6 Released PhoneGap is an HTML5 app platform that allows you to author native applications with web technologies (like JavaScript!) Amongst other things, it now includes the 'Cordova-JS' unified JavaScript layer.
mag.js: A New, German-Language Online JavaScript Magazine
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Articles Arrow Functions and Method Definitions Dr. Axel Rauschmayer digs into the forthcoming 'arrow' based function definitions in (a.k.a. ES6) and the issues around scoping. This is a great walkthrough if you're fresh to it.
Qt 5 Makes JavaScript A First-Class Citizen for App Development Ars Technica looks at Qt 5, the forthcoming version of the popular cross-platform application framework. A vision for Qt 5 is to move Qt developers building their apps with QML and JavaScript, coupled with Qt shifting from JavaScriptCore to V8.
Don't 'docwrite' Scripts Google's Steve Souders tells us to avoid document.write in scripts we're including into other pages because it causes blocking issues and hits performance.
Understanding MVVM - A Guide For JavaScript Developers Addy Osmani is back with another extensive post, this time digging into the MVVM (Model View ViewModel) architectural pattern as used by KnockoutJS. How does it differ to the Backbone approach and what are the pros and cons?
JavaScript Syntax Tree Visualization with Esprima Esprima is an ECMAScript/JavaScript parsing infrastructure for multipurpose analysis. Its creator, Ariya Hidayat, shows off how it can be used to visualize JS syntax trees for tricky bits of code.
How to Build a Slideshow with jmpress.js jmpress.js is a slideshow library that makes 3D effects easy. This tutorial (plus demo) shows off how to make a jmpress.js slideshow of your own.
A JSConf 2012 Writeup Just over a week ago, JSConf 2012 rocked the socks off of Scottsdale, Arizona and Michael Bernstein was there. He's written up some of the themes and ideas that came up.
Creating Grammatical Regexes Using
Add Gesture Support to Your Webapp via Hammer.js Hammer.js is a library that adds multi-touch gesture support to your pages and in this article Adobe's Brian Rinaldi demonstrates how to use it.
Javascript A-Z Cheat Sheet An A to Z list of some JavaScript idioms and techniques by Alex Staveley.
A Simple But Powerful Backbone View Model Binder Bart Wood explains his Backbone.ModelBinder library which keeps your Backbone app's views and models synchronized.
Videos and Media
Profiling Node.js Apps with DTrace At the recent dtrace.conf, Mark Cavage demonstrated how to profile a Node.js app using DTrace (a realtime dynamic tracing framework). 30 minutes long and of a reasonable quality.
JavaScript Objects and Prototypes Screencast Esteemed JavaScript screencast Derick Bailey is back with a look at objects, prototypes and prototypal inheritance in JavaScript, right from the basics. (It costs money but there's a 4 minute preview.)
Code and Libraries
Meteor: A New Way To Build Webapps? Blowing up on Hacker News and Twitter this week, Meteor presents an interesting approach to building webapps with JavaScript. It's still early days but definitely check out the screencast on this.
Zepto.js v1.0 RC1 Released Thomas Fuchs has unveiled the first significant release candidate of his minimalist JavaScript library for modern browsers that has a largely jQuery-compatible API. It gets an all new Web site and.. has gone semicolon free.
Timeline: Attractive JavaScript-Powered Timelines Timeline is an interesting library for building content rich 'timelines.' A well crafted homepage and plenty of demos are just the icing on the cake.
ondomready: AMD Compatible Module to Detect When The DOM Is Ready
Node-Qt: Native Bindings to the Qt Framework Ever wanted to create native GUI apps directly from Node? Now you can, with this Node.js addon that focuses on bindings for Qt's graphics and audio features.
Stapes.js: A (Really) Tiny JavaScript MVC Microframework
Flame.js: A Widget/UI Library for Ember.js
JSLintMate: JSLint and JSHint in TextMate JSLint and JSHint are popular JavaScript code quality tools. JSLintMate brings them into the realm of your text editor.. if you're using TextMate that is!
CoffeeConsole: A Chrome Extension for CoffeeScript A Chrome extension that adds a new panel inside the Chrome Web Inspector where you can type CoffeeScript to be executed.
A JavaScript Job
JS Web Developers at TVplus (Orange, CA) TVplus is looking for passionate, driven web developers for openings in the Orange, CA area. You'll need an expert level grasp of JavaScript and familiarity of various HTML5 APIs.
Last but not least..
Emblr: A Ember.js Tumblelog Interested in the Ember.js (formerly known as SproutCore 2.0) framework? Emblr is a Tumblr site with frequent links to info about it. If you're into Ember.js, subscribe.
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