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JavaScript Weekly Issue 75
April 20, 2012
Welcome to issue 75 of JavaScript Weekly. Sorry for being a few hours late this week, it's been a busy one :-) Late last week, a 'controversy' over semicolon usage in JavaScript broke out and it resulted in enough links that I've broken them out into their own section below. Enjoy! - Peter
jQuery Mobile 1.1 Released Featuring true fixed toolbars, re-vamped animated page transitions and AJAX loaders, refined form element design and feature set, and improved documentation.
Free Webcast: How to Build a Chat Room in JavaScript On April 25, I'm running a free webcast for O'Reilly where I'll show you how to build a simple multi-user chat room using JavaScript, both back-end and front. You can sign up at this link. Please note, it's aimed at entry level JS developers but all are welcome :-)
Cody Lindley Releases 'JavaScript Enlightenment' for Free Several months ago, Cody Lindley released 'JavaScript Enlightment', a book to turn a JavaScript library user into a JavaScript developer. 2000 copies later, he has now released it for free, so grab yours today. It's worth the read.
Spain.js - A Summer JavaScript Conference in Madrid, Spain (CFP is open)
ECMAScript: vs ES 6 vs ES Harmony Dr. Axel Rauschmayer explains what ECMAScript,, ES 6 and Harmony really are. It's a bit of a dry topic but handy to know as the terms are used all over the place.
JavaScript in JavaScript (js.js): Sandboxing Third-Party Scripts js.js is a (previously covered) port of the SpiderMonkey JavaScript implementation to JavaScript itself, courtesy of Emscripten. Here, Jeff Terrace talks about progress and shows off its speed compared to native SpiderMonkey (about 200x slower at present).
Determining the Language of Text Using JavaScript and cld.js
JavaScript Fat City: Another Look at ES6's Fat Arrow Functions Last week I linked to an article by Dr. Rauschmayer about ECMAScript 6's new abbreviated syntax for JavaScript function expressions. Now, Angus Croll of Twitter has a run at it.
How to Change jsFiddle's default library to jQuery
User Authentication with Rails and Backbone.js Backbone.js is a handy JavaScript framework for developing webapps and Rails is a similarly handy Ruby framework on the back-end. James R Bracy of 42Floors shares how they use Rails and Backbone together and perform user authentication.
9 jQuery Mistakes You Shouldn't Commit
Scope and 'this' in JavaScript If you've ever wondered what things like 'var _this = this' are all about, this article on the JavaScript Playground might clear it up.
How to Write a Simple Interpreter in JavaScript
A Baseline for Front-End Developers Rebecca Murphey shares some insights and a whole ton of links relating to tools and resources you can lean on when doing front-end JavaScript development.
Node Streams: How Do They Work?
20 Awesome node.js npm Modules We Use at BeyondFog
The Great Semicolon Controversy of 2012
The Controversial Twitter Bootstrap Semicolon Issue An issue raised on Twitter Bootstrap's GitHub repo about JSMin having problems minifying a semicolon-free source file descended into a fracas after a little disagreement between Jacob Thornton and Douglas Crockford.
The Infernal Semicolon Brendan Eich, JavaScript's creator, gets into the semicolon mood and gives an authoritative roundup of what's going on. He says that 'ASI is (formally speaking) a syntactic error correction procedure. If you start to code as if it were a universal significant-newline rule, you will get into trouble.'
An Open Letter to JavaScript Leaders Regarding Semicolons Node.js's Isaac Schlueter entered the fray with a post explaining the rules behind statement termination in JS but also suggesting that 'the leaders in this language community have given you lies and fear'. Some strong opinions here.
semicolonFree.js: Resources to Write Semicolon-Free JavaScript
JavaScript and Semicolons Over at DailyJS, Rod Vagg presents a broad overview of semicolon usage in JavaScript and of the semicolon 'controversy' in general. A handy summary to close with here.
Videos and Media
Introduction to Backbone.js Video Tutorials Joe Zim has put together several handy Backbone.js screencast tutorials, and it's all free to watch on YouTube. Be sure to crank up the size and go to HD as the text size is tiny..
YUI 3.5 Retrospective and Plans for 3.6 Last week, YUI (Yahoo! User Interface library) 3.5.0 was released, and in this video Luke Smith, Eric Ferraiuolo and Ryan Grove recap the changes in YUI 3.5 and discuss the plans for YUI 3.6.
Code and Libraries
TodoMVC Labs: Demo Apps for Many JavaScript MV* Frameworks Addy Osmani has been working on 'to do' apps for various structural JavaScript frameworks for a while now, but the idea is now being formalized under the 'TodoMVC Labs' banner and more apps are on the way. An interesting way to learn, for sure.
Miso Dataset: JS Client-side Data Transformation and Management Library Dataset makes managing client-side data easy by handling loading, parsing, sorting, querying and manipulating data from all sorts of sources. An impressive project site too with good examples and tutorials.
Tracking Page 'Scroll Depth' with jQuery and Google Analytics
CreateJS: A Suite of JS Libraries and Tools for Working with HTML5 CreateJS is a suite of modular libraries and tools which work together to enable rich interactive content on open web technologies via HTML5. It includes EaselJS, TweenJS, SoundJS and PreloadJS as well as Zoe, an app for converting SWF animations to sprite sheets.
Gladius: A New Modular 3D Game Engine for the Web from Mozilla
jQuery File Upload A file upload widget with multiple file selection, drag and drop support, progress bars and preview images. Supports cross-domain, chunked and resumable file uploads and client-side image resizing.
Last but not least..
Firebase: A Scalable Real-Time Backend for Your Web App Firebase is an interesting new 'platform as a service' that aims to get you building apps really quickly without the hassle of managing servers. You can do things like rig up a live chat app in minutes, for example.
A Kickstarter to Make a Better CoffeeScript Compiler Michael Ficarra started a Kickstarter fundraiser to get $12,000 to build a better compiler for CoffeeScript last week. He's already hit his target! But you might be interested in his goals and want to be a part of it still anyway.
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