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JavaScript Weekly Issue 77
May 4, 2012
Welcome to issue 77 of JavaScript Weekly. Not any serious headline news this week but lots of great new libraries, so enjoy..! - Peter.
Better Code Optimization Decisions for Google V8 The V8 engine powering Node.js and Chrome's JavaScript implementation uses a new algorithm for deciding which functions to optimize. The result? Better performance, and you can try it out in the current beta channel release of Chrome.
An Open Source 'Metro'-style Theme for jQuery Mobile Microsoft's Interoperability team has built a pretty good looking jQuery Mobile theme based around the 'Metro' design language used on Windows Phone and Windows 8.
Node 0.6.16 (stable) Released
JavaScript Style Guides And Beautifiers Addy Osmani presents an exploration of JavaScript style guides and tools that can assist in automated code beautification and style enforcement.
Multiple var Statements in JavaScript; Not Superfluous Ben Alman picks up on the trend of considering individual 'var' variable definitions to be superfluous and makes a good case for their usefulness.
A Technical Look at C++ Game Development in the Browser with Emscripten Emscripten is a popular LLVM to JavaScript compiler that makes it possible to run C++ software in the browser. Experienced game developer Mike Kasprzak explains how he wrote a browser-targeted game in C++ in just 2 days and used Emscripten to make it happen. A good read.
Spine vs Backbone.js Spine and Backbone are two Javascript MVC frameworks that look similar on the surface but have key differences under the hood. This article highlights some of these differences well.
How to Build a Bare-Bones NPM Package A walkthrough of building a Node package from scratch from 'npm init' through to some optional integration with Travis CI.
JavaScript Templating with Handlebars (A How To)
Intro to Unit Testing JavaScript Applications with Jasmine Dustin Butler gives an introduction to behavior-driven development for JavaScript using the Jasmine testing framework.
Writing Unit Tests For WordPress Plugins (using QUnit)
Why Douglas Crockford Removed Support for Comments in JSON
Videos and Media
PeepCode Releases Part 2 of Full Stack Node.js I've seen quite a few good reviews of their first part so it's good to see PeepCode has released the second part of the Node.js screencast series. In this part they dig into Express, Mocha, CoffeeScript, and
Node.js in Context with Jason Hoffman of Joyent Jason Hoffman, CTO at Joyent, talked about clouds, commerce and the next wave of HTML5 and Node.js development at the recent DevCon5 HTML5 conference [30 minutes]
JavaScript Primitive Types vs Reference Types [7 minutes]
Code and Libraries
Brackets: Adobe's Web Editor Built Using Web Technologies Brackets is an open source code editor for HTML, CSS and JavaScript that's built using.. those very technologies. You can get involved and help work on it yourself, too. Check out the screenshots to get a feel for it.
Physijs: Physics Plugin for three.js three.js is a 3D library (that renders to both Canvas and WebGL contexts) and Physijs adds physics support to it. The examples are nice.
Laconic: Lightweight Way to Generate DOM Content in JS An interesting library-free approach to generating DOM content with JavaScript. It's a tiny library with a tiny API but it definitely cuts the code down.
JSCheck: A New Testing Tool by Doug Crockford Douglas Crockford (of JSLint and 'JavaScript: The Good Parts' fame) is working on a new specification-driven testing tool for JavaScript, inspired by QuickCheck, a testing tool for Haskell.
Cookies.js: Client-Side Cookie Management Library Cookies.js is a small client-side javascript library that makes managing cookies easy.
Skrollr: 'Parallax' Scrolling Lib with No Dependencies skrollr lets you animate any CSS property of any element depending on the horizontal scrollbar position. All you need to do is define key frames for each element at certain points.
Fixie: Filler Content Generation from JavaScript Fixie.js is an open source tool that automatically adds filler content to HTML documents. I love the way this works. It even fills in dummy links and images where you have empty A and IMG tags.
HJ: A Haskell-to-JavaScript Compiler A project aiming to provide a compiler for a subset of Haskell, a popular functional programming language, to JavaScript.
Screenfull.js: Cross-Browser JavaScript Fullscreen API Library
DoppioVM: A JVM in Coffeescript Doppio is a project to get Java running in the browser without any plug-ins. Right now it comprises a fairly complete VM and an implementation of the javap bytecode disassembler.
Senior Web Engineer for Rapidly-Growing Education Business (Steve and Kate's Camp)
Steve and Kate's Camp is seeking a senior web software engineer ready to get their hands dirty now and interested in growing and leading a technical team down the road. Experience with JavaScript, TDD/BDD, Node.js, Rails, and devops all useful. Based in Sausalito, CA.
Last but not least..
The Greta Sans Type System Specimen App A brief explanation of the implementation of a beautiful type specimen app (for the 'Greta Sans' type family) using Zepto.js. Be sure to check out the actual live specimen app; it's great.
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