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JavaScript Weekly Issue 78
May 11, 2012
Welcome to issue 78 of JavaScript Weekly! We're into the last few days of the 'early price' pricing on O'Reilly Fluent - a JavaScript conference I'm co-chairing that takes place in SF over May 29-31. We have about 80 speakers all ready to go now and the line up is looking great - it'll be a crazy few days! - Peter.
New ECMAScript 6 Spec Draft Available Want to get a heads up on the latest state of the forthcoming ECMAScript 6 standard? Enjoy 300+ pages of bedtime reading in DOC or PDF forms.
ES.Next / ES6 Needs You! Twitter's Angus Croll puts out a call to all JavaScript developers to help the TC39 technical committee get a gauge on developer opinion through his 'JS Fixed' project.
Node.js HTTP Server Security Vulnerability: Upgrade to 0.6.17 A carefully crafted attack request can cause the contents of the HTTP parser's buffer to be appended to the attacking request's header, making it appear to come from the attacker. The short story is.. upgrade Node or apply a fix offered within.
From Our Sponsor
How To Build A Real-Time Commenting System A comprehensive tutorial by Phil Leggetter that walks through building a real-time commenting system using PHP, JavaScript, and the Pusher WebSocket hosted service.
Roll Your Own Drag-and-Drop Handling (With Help From jQuery UI) In this tutorial Jo Liss shows how to create your own low-level drag-and-drop handler with jQuery UI's Mouse plugin.
BrowserID: Logging In with BrowserID, Passport and Node.js BrowserID is a secure, multi-browser web site authentication mechanism built by Mozilla (and the technology behind Mozilla Persona). This tutorial demonstrates how to set it up on your own Node powered app.
Proxies and Frozen Objects in ES6 Tom Van Cutsem explains how 'frozen' JavaScript objects will interact with the forthcoming Proxy API. More interesting than it sounds - honest!
Multi-Server Continuous Deployment with 'Fleet' Fleet makes it easy for anyone on your team to push new code from a git repo to a wide number of servers and then manage all the processes in your stack. James Halliday shows us how, using Node server processes.
Learning Three.js: A tQuery plugin for Rendering and Using DOOM Characters
PL/v8 + CoffeeScript: CoffeeScript as a PostgreSQL Function Language? PL/v8 is an ongoing project to allow the use of JavaScript as a scripting language within the PostgreSQL database engine. Here, Hitoshi Harada experiments with bringing CoffeeScript into the mix too.
Problems With a 'Pure Javascript' Implementation of H.264
Videos and Media
Allen Wirfs-Brock on JavaScript Today and Tomorrow JavaScript guru and Mozilla Research Fellow Allen Wirfs-Brock reviews the evolution of JavaScript, observing its current status and foreseeing its near future. Allen really knows his stuff and this is well worth watching.
Addy Osmani's JavaScript Jabber: Design Patterns in Javascript The always excellent JavaScript Jabber podcast invited Addy Osmani in for a chat about design patterns. They covered a ton in 45 minutes and even the show notes alone are a handy repository of links to structural libraries and frameworks.
How JS Works and the Firefox Debugger API A 9 minute lightning talk given at Mozilla Toronto by Jim Blandy where he talks about how JavaScript programs work behind the scenes, explains how the new Firefox Debugger API works, and then shows it in action.
O'Reilly Radar: The Surprising Rise of JavaScript A video interview with me on the O'Reilly Radar blog in my capacity as O'Reilly Fluent co-chair, as well as Steve Souders talking about Web performance tools.
Code and Libraries
Stats.js Updated; Now Themeable with CSS
Stats.js is a JavaScript performance monitoring box that's popular in the JavaScript graphics, demo, and game development scenes. It has just been updated with CSS theming support and the ability to select a default mode.
YUIDoc 0.3.0 Released: A Documentation Generation App YUIDoc is a JavaScript documentation generator that runs as a Node.js app and generates documentation from comments in source. It was built for use with the YUI project but can be used on other codebases easily.
jQuery Knob: Simple and Effective Dial Controls (using Canvas)
NodObjC: A Node.js to Objective C Bridge NodObjC is a bridge between Node.js and the Objective C runtime and frameworks, making it possible to write native Cocoa applications using Node.js.
Dynamo.js: Dynamic 'Rotating' Text Elements in Your Content Hard to explain but Dynamo makes it easy to have certain bits of text on your page 'cycle' through various options. The effect is subtle and simple and worth checking out.
EpicEditor: Embeddable JavaScript Markdown Editor Embeddable JavaScript Markdown editor which includes automatic link creation and code fencing. First mentioned in JSW #68 but it has had some updates and upgrades.
BitSyntax-JS: Binary Data Pattern Matching for Node.js
node-webcl: Khronos WebCL Implementation for Node.js Want to do computations on the GPU from JavaScript? You can with WebCL and this implementation brings WebCL (and so OpenCL) functionality to Node.
sm.js: Communicate with SpiderMonkey from Node.js
node-webgl: A Port of WebGL to the Desktop (via Node.js)
Vert.x: JVM-based Polyglot Async App Development (Alternative To Node.js?)
Last but not least..
Wolfenstein 3D in the Browser
To celebrate the 20 year anniversary of seminal first person shooter Wolfenstein 3D, Bethesda Softworks has made a JavaScript port - you can play it right now. Interestingly, it doesn't use Canvas, etc, but a lot of CSS and DOM manipulation.
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