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JavaScript Weekly Issue 79
May 18, 2012
The JavaScript Hotline: (877) 300-2187
A volunteer-run hotline for anyone with JavaScript questions. If you like, give them a call, donate to their phone service, or even volunteer to take some calls yourself.
npm Registry Hits 10,000 Packages
The central npm (Node Package Manager) registry has just topped 10,000 packages. A serious landmark when compared to more established repositories (RubyGems is at 38k, Perl's CPAN at 106k).
OpenShift: A New Cloud Hosting Platform for Node OpenShift is Red Hat's new auto-scaling 'platform as a service' for webapps. It supports Node.js / JavaScript, Java, Python and several other languages and seems to be Red Hat's answer to Heroku.
PayPal Hires JavaScript Icon Douglas Crockford TechCrunch reports on Douglas Crockford's (of 'Javascript: The Good Parts' fame) move from Yahoo to PayPal.
Knockout 2.1.0 Released (The MVVM Framework)
Meet Crockford's JSCheck We recently announced Douglas Crockford's new 'specification-driven testing tool' JSCheck, but Nettuts+'s Andrew Burgess has written up a complete tutorial on how to actually use it.
Front-End Unit Testing with JavaScript An introductory walkthrough of using CasperJS and PhantomJS to implement simple functional tests for your site or app's front-end.
Ten Features I Like in CoffeeScript Still not convinced by CoffeeScript? Karl Seguin quickly and elegantly shows off 10 things he particularly likes about it.
Arduino Programming with JavaScript Bocoup's Rick Waldron presents an interesting overview of using Node.js and a handful of libraries to do interesting things with Arduino devices using JavaScript.
A Beginner's Guide to Ember.js Andy Matthews provides a walkthough and sample application for anyone looking to get started with Ember.
Our Approach to Routing in Ember.js Ember core team member Tom Dale explains why Ember's approach to routing is particularly elegant.
Implementing Your Own jQuery Deferred Functions
JavaScript Design Patterns: Adapter, Decorator, And Factory The second in a series of articles by Joe Zimmerman showing how to implement common design patterns in JavaScript.
Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, Jasmine, HAML and Rails Working Together Jeremy Walker takes a holistic walk through tying together a whole bunch of modern Web development technologies.
A New Class to Bind Backbone Collections to Views
Videos and Media
The JavaScript World Domination Plan at 16 Years
Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript, gives an hour-long talk about the 'state of JavaScript' while looking at some controversies, demos, and the forthcoming ES6 (a.k.a. or ECMAScript 6). He's giving a similar keynote at O'Reilly Fluent later this month too.
Jasmine Live! A Trio of (Paid) WatchMeCode Screencasts JavaScript screencaster Derick Bailey is back with a (paid) three-pack of live episodes about doing test-driven development in JavaScript using Jasmine.
Code and Libraries
LLJS: A Low-Level JavaScript Dialect LLJS is a typed dialect of JavaScript that offers a C-like type system with manual memory management. It compiles to JavaScript and lets you write memory-efficient and GC pause-less code less painfully.
GreenSock Animation Platform v12: Now Supports JavaScript GSAP is a popular and robust set of animation tools popular with Flash developers for doing tweening, timelining, and other scripted animation techniques and now it supports JavaScript too.
Nonsense: Generate Repeatable Random Data in JS A 'faker' style library that can produce random names, numbers, UUIDs, job titles, etc. It can be seeded too so that sequences can be repeated where necessary.
Grunt: Task-Based Command Line Build Tool for JavaScript Projects
grunt-recess: Grunt Task to Lint and Minify CSS or LESS using Twitter RECESS
Falafel: Transform the Syntax Tree of JavaScript Code Falafel makes it easy to transform the abstract syntax tree of JavaScript code while recursively 'walking' through it. For example, want every array literal to get wrapped in a function call for some reason? That's 3 lines with Falafel.
AppJS: Build Desktop Apps with HTML, CSS, and JS AppJS is a work-in-progress system that uses Chromium and Node.js for building desktop applications using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It's currently Linux only but Windows and Mac ports are on the way.
Real Shadow: jQuery Plugin for Casting Photorealistic Shadows
Last but not least..
The JavaScript MESS Project for Emulating 600+ Systems
MESS (Multi Emulator Super System) is an open source emulator that supports 600+ systems and JS MESS is an attempt at porting it to work in the browser. It's still early days but the basics work and they're looking for help to take it further.
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