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JavaScript Weekly Issue 8
January 7, 2011
Welcome to issue 8 of JavaScript Weekly - thanks for your support in 2010 and here's to JavaScript reaching even higher levels in 2011.
Not much to announce except that I'm going to stop announcing every point release of node.js as news (0.3.3 out this week, btw ;-)). I'll stick to the significant or interesting ones from here on out.
This week's top news
NodeConf 2011 Call for Proposals Now Open NodeConf is a node.js-focused conference taking place in Portland, OR this May. If you want to give a talk, you can now submit your proposals.
This week's top articles
Debugging JavaScript Behind the Scenes Learn how to keep your page layouts clean from debugging mess using the browser console API with Zach Dunn. Short and sweet with a great demo page.
5 Things You Might Not Know about jQuery David Flanagan shares five intriguing bits of jQuery trivia along with code examples. Short and sweet.
jQuery’s $.extend is slow Trevor Lalish-Menagh runs some experiments and discovers that $.extend is by far the slowest way to add functions to an object. Assigning methods as anonymous functions is the fastest overall.
Exploring JavaScript for-in Loops The for-in statement is the only ECMAScript compliant interface for iterating the properties of generic objects. Angus Croll takes a comprehensive walk through the world of for/in and shows off plenty of examples along the way.
Creating a JavaScript-powered Desktop Adobe Air App Dominic Buono walks through building a basic 'GMail notifier' desktop app with Adobe Air and JavaScript. It's very entry-level and mainly focused at Windows developers.
OOP The Good Parts Nick Fitzgerald takes us on a tour of the strengths and weaknesses of object oriented programming looking at duck-typing, message passing and composition - all with JavaScript examples.
2010 Through The Lens of YUI Theater NetTuts+ rounds up almost 50 videos taken from the Yahoo's YUI Theater project focusing on topics like HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, node.js, and, more often than not, Yahoo's own technology stack including YUI and YQL.
Interesting new libraries and code
JSPP: JavaScript Pre-Processor JSPP adds PHP-esque 'preprocessing' features to JavaScript, enabling you to build server side JavaScript webapps by writing regular HTML pages with embedded serverside JavaScript.
BetterGrow: Automatically Growing TEXTAREAs BetterGrow is a jQuery plugin that allows TEXTAREA elements to automatically grow and shrink in size depending on how much content they contain.
Interact: Simplified Interaction for Mobile Webapps Interact handles the 'messy stuff' relating to handling both mouse and touch events so that you only need to work with one interface rather than two. Lots of docs and stuff to read here.
GammaJS: A WebGL Platformer Game Engine GammaJS is a new JavaScript library which can be used to create 2.5D platform games for a web browser using the power of HTML, JavaScript, CSS and WebGL (the 3D canvas-a-like supported by recent builds of Chrome and Firefox 4).
node-scraper: Scraping Web Sites From node.js node-scraper is a 'little module [for node.js] that makes scraping websites a little easier.' It uses jQuery. Examples are provided showing off a simple fetch of a single page, moving on to parallel fetching and rate limiting.
Visify.js: Stacked Bar Charts for jQuery Visify.js is a jQuery plugin by Daniel Westendorf that creates stacked bar charts (bar charts with two values represented in each bar). Straightforward and the official page has some basic examples.
JavaScript Fractals Mounier Florian shows off a simple example of drawing a Newton fractal using JavaScript and Canvas. View source to find the JavaScript responsible or keep reloading to see new patterns.
Fresh and Useful jQuery Plugins That Enhance Usability A 'list post' covering 10 jQuery plugins offering features like infinite scrolling, image captions, circular menus, and tooltips.
Last but not least..
List of languages that compile to JS Jeremy Ashkenas, the creator of CoffeeScript, is maintaining a list of programming languages that compile down to JavaScript. Some interesting projects are in the list so far including some CoffeeScript variants..
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