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JavaScript Weekly Issue 80
May 25, 2012
Welcome to issue 80 of JavaScript Weekly. As I'm currently travelling to O'Reilly Fluent, this issue is breezier than most. Back to full speed next week though! And if you're going to Fluent, say hi to the Brit with the blue glasses ;-) - Peter.
ECMAScript 5.1 Specification Now Officially Available in HTML ES5.1 came out back in late 2010 and is now broadly (but not always entirely) supported by the latest browser versions. This new, official rendering of the spec in HTML gives us all an easier way to get up to speed with it.
Let's Code: Test-Driven Javascript by James Shore (on Kickstarter) James Shore is raising $12k on Kickstarter to produce a screencast series digging into test driven development in JavaScript. He's only got a little way to go. More to this than I can explain, so check it out.
Async JavaScript by Trevor Burnham Now on Amazon (Print and Kindle)
Ember (JS Framework) Gets A Smart, New Homepage
CoffeeScript Enters GitHub's Top 10 Languages (Bumping Down Objective C) Now I cross my fingers and hope Objective C didn't stage a coup in between writing this and sending the newsletter..
10 Reasons Why I Switched to Spine.js Alex MacCaw's spine.js is a popular choice in the JavaScript framework world and Jonnie Hallman has done a good job of rounding up why he prefers it to Backbone.
Self-Updating Scripts Google's Steve Souders and Stoyan Stefanov wondered if there was a way to have longer cache times for third party scripts yet have resources update when necessary. They came up with a possible solution.
html5shiv and Loading Scripts From Code Repositories Billy Hoffman demonstrates why loading scripts from sites that host code repositories (such as or direct from might not be such a great idea.
Notes From a TC39 Meeting (of May 22nd) If TC39 meetings and the development of the ES6 spec interest you, David Herman has compiled together some notes. Topics covered include the handling of binary data and the implementation of classes.
List Of Languages That Compile to JS Not a new resource but it continues to get updated and the sheer number of projects and languages that now compile down to JavaScript is impressive.
Interpreted Languages: Tcl, Lua, JavaScript and Io A comparison table between four dynamic scripting languages including JavaScript. A handy reference or a way to get a feel for some unfamiliar languages.
Code and Libraries
Superscrollorama: jQuery Plugin for Scroll Animations Like the idea of having elements animate, fade away, fly in, spin, slide and wipe as a user scrolls the page? Superscrollorama makes it easy. It's a big update from the earlier 'Scrollorama' by the same author.
Nodo: A Command-Line TODO App Using Node.js
Energize: Snappier Links on Touch Devices Touch devices often introduce a delay when links are touched in order to catch other gestures, like zooming. Energize brings speedier 'clicking' to these environments.
Vertebrae: Front-End Framework with Backbone and RequireJS Using AMD Vertebrae provides AMD structure and additional objects for extending Backbone.js as an application framework.
SpahQL: A Query Language for JavaScript Objects
Fibrous: Mix Asynchronous and Synchronous Programming Styles in Node.js A node module that builds on node-fibers to provide a simple model for mixing asynchronous and synchronous programming styles in Node.
JSGL: Pure JS OpenGL 1.1 Implementation JSGL is a software OpenGL 1.1 implementation written in pure JS built for use as the official graphics API on JSOS (a JavaScript operating system project).
Uptime: Open Source, Node + Mongo-Based Monitoring Utility
Kinesis: Build Gesture Driven Webapps with HTML, JS and Kinect
JavaScriptSQL: A Database Engine Coded Entirely in JavaScript
Johnny Five: Tools for Building Arduino Apps with JavaScript
Tuio.js: JavaScript Implementation of the TUIO Library TUIO is an open framework that defines a common protocol and API for tangible multitouch surfaces. Tuio.js brings a port of the original Java TUIO library to JavaScript.
Last but not least..
Promote A Job in JavaScript Weekly Many people have asked if they can promote a job in JavaScript Weekly. Now you can with our new self service system. 20% off till the end of the weekend with code JOBLAUNCH. Any questions, just reply to this e-mail.
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