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JavaScript Weekly Issue 81
Jun 1, 2012
Welcome to issue 81 of JavaScript Weekly. Still wrapping up from O'Reilly Fluent so a few hours late, but it seems the JavaScript world has had quite the week at events like Fluent, BackboneConf, and later today at UtahJS Conference! - Peter.
JavaScript at 17: Brendan Eich's Fluent Keynote The creator of JavaScript takes a look at the language and its ecosystem as it reaches 17 years old. At 18 minutes in, you can enjoy Brendan showing off his first person shooter skills!
DemoJS: A Browser Demoparty in Paris (June 29-30) Demoparties have been around for years but DemoJS is focused on browser and JavaScript based demos. Its second run takes place in Paris later this month.
Spain.js - A Summer JavaScript Conference in Spain Tickets for Spain.js are now on sale! It takes place in Madrid in early July and promises to be a great event with Jeremy Ashkenas and Alex MacCaw confirmed as keynotes, along with a long list of great speakers from both Spain and overseas.
Parse Launches JavaScript SDK Parse is a popular service that provides backend functionality for native mobile apps but they've just launched a new SDK for JavaScript that makes it easier to build HTML5 apps.
Node.js 0.7.9 (unstable) Released Latest V8, latest npm, and more.
ECMAScript 6 Resources For The Curious JavaScripter Addy Osmani has put together a page of resources for anyone interested in exploring the next version of JavaScript.
How to Do Face Detection Using HTML5, JS, WebRTC, WebSocket, Jetty and OpenCV
Dependency Management with RequireJS Aaron Hardy shows how to build modular applications and manage dependencies using RequireJS.
Tips for Building Your First Node.js Module
Creating Todo MVC in Dojo
Backbone.js Events: Framework Communication
Improving JavaScript - How ECMAScript.Next Will Do It Popular JS blogger Dr. Axel Rauschmayer goes through 11 different 'issues' with JavaScript as-is that the next version of ECMAScript (and therefore JavaScript) is working to resolve.
Code and Libraries
Horrible.js: Making Your Code 'Horrible' Horrible.js is a JavaScript code obfuscator that turns your code into a gigantic nightmare (but it will still work!)
JSX: A New Statically-Typed Alternative to JavaScript JSX is a statically-typed, object-oriented programming language that, like CoffeeScript, compiles down to JavaScript to run in the Web browser.
Wakanda Beta 2 (Full Stack JS Dev Platform) Released Wakanda is a full-stack JavaScript development platform which includes a visual design app, a data storage and HTTP server component, and a client-side JS framework. Their second beta release is out now.
xgui.js: Simple Widgets to Make JS Experimentation Easier Quickly set up a bunch of controls like color pickers, sliders, radio buttons, etc, and bind them to objects and functions.
25 jQuery Slideshow Plugins with Tutorials
ClippyJS: Add Microsoft's Clippy To Your Site (For Fun or Nostalgia)
Redactor: A Fantastic WYSIWYG Editor Powered by jQuery
JSON5: A Modern JSON Syntax for the 'ES5 Generation'
Timbre: JS Library for Objective Sound Programming Some clever ideas here. Requires Chrome 14+ or Firefox 4+.
Stick Portal: 2D Portal-Like Game Written in CoffeeScript
Senior Web Technologist at Holiday Extras (UK) Do you spend your leisure time tinkering with the latest NoSQL du jour or playing with the latest AWS toy? Do you dream of big data? Is GitHub the first thing you think of when someone says the word fork? If so, Holiday Extras is looking for techies like you.
Front-end Engineer at Wealthfront (Palo Alto, CA) We're looking for outstanding engineers who are passionate about defining the way people understand and manage their investments. We talk to real clients, make things they want and need and ship well-tested code with modern standards-based markup dozens of times daily. Join us!
UI & Front End JavaScript Engineer (Waltham / Boston, MA) Do you obsess over writing beautiful code and delivering unparalleled user experiences? Do you thrive on learning new things and constantly being challenged? BuyerZone is looking for a talented front-end engineer to join our exciting fast-paced agile development team.
Last but not least..
The JavaScript Development Workflow of 2013 Popular Google developer advocate Paul Irish gave a great 20 minute talk about JavaScript and Web development tools at Fluent this week.
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