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JavaScript Weekly Issue 82
June 8, 2012
Adobe Releases Issue #3 of Appliness, Its Free Webdev Magazine
Appliness is an interesting publishing experiment by Adobe. This month's issue is packed with JavaScript and HTML5 articles, including a beginner's guide to Ember.js. Available in PDF and tablet formats.
Firefox 13 Released: Gets Experimental ECMAScript 6 Map and Set Support The latest Firefox release went live on the general release channel this week. For JavaScript developers, an interesting improvement is experimental support for ECMAScript 6 Map and Set objects.
Jasmine 1.2 Released Davis W. Frank has announced the latest version of the popular JavaScript BDD framework. No huge new features but the new homepage (link in article) is an excellent primer for Jasmine.
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Deploying Your First Node.js and App to Heroku Rob Dodson presents a straightforward walkthrough of creating a simple Node.js app and deploying it to the Heroku hosting platform.
50 jQuery Function Demos for Aspiring Web Developers Smashing Magazine presents essentially a laundry list of things jQuery can do and the functions used to do them. A handy recap.
Explaining JavaScript VMs in JavaScript Vyacheslav Egorov want to help JavaScript developers understand how JS engines work and do it using the language itself. If you really like geeking out on the details, this is good fun.
Writing Node.js Modules in ClojureScript
Creating Native-like User Experiences in PhoneGap With App-UI Andrew Trice shows how to use App-UI, a HTML/JavaScript framework for building native-like apps using web technologies using tools like PhoneGap.
The Module Pattern, A Little More Detail An article on the module pattern for Javascript and some of its neat properties by Tom MacWright.
How we Learned to Stop Worrying and Love JavaScript Twitter's Dan Webb and Angus Croll had an interesting slide deck at Fluent. They explained that functional mixins rock and that you should make good use of JavaScript's biggest strength: functions.
View Controller Patterns With Spine.JS and SpacePen
Videos and Media
Jeremy Ashkenas' BackboneConf 2012 Keynote At last week's inaugural BackboneConf, Backbone's creator Jeremy Ashkenas gave a keynote address about the present and future state of the framework (48 minutes).
The JavaScript Virtual Machine Dave Herman of Mozilla explains why JavaScript beats bytecode, what's happening with ECMAScript 6, Native Client, Low Level JavaScript and more in a 45 minute talk given at the Web Rebels Conference. (Lots of good general knowledge in here.)
Pure, Functional JavaScript Christian Johansen showed off some functional programming techniques for JavaScript in a 30 minute talk at the Web Rebels Conference.
Creating A WebGL Game in Less Than 10 Minutes with tQuery.js
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Frontend Engineer at Wealthfront (Palo Alto, CA) We're looking for outstanding engineers who are passionate about defining the way people understand and manage their investments. We talk to real clients, make things they want and need and ship well-tested code with modern standards-based markup dozens of times daily. Join us!
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Code and Libraries
gmaps.js: Use the Google Maps API with 'Less Pain and More Fun' A handy library that makes working with embedded Google Maps simple. Some great examples here too.
Socialite.js: Asynchronously-Loaded Social Sharing Buttons Socialite gives an easy way to unveil a wide array of social sharing buttons on your site and on any chosen event. But critically, it does it all asynchronously so your page won't hang while waiting. (Thanks to Steve Souders for the lead.)
jQuery Transit: CSS3 Animations for jQuery Include this script after jQuery on your pages and can get CSS3 powered transitions and animations in certain cases.
Joconut: Never Load A Full Page On Every Request Again Joconut is a tiny script that uses AJAX to load page content without reloading the entire page. It's a bit like 'pjax' but also auto detects and loads JS and CSS from fetched pages, where necessary.
Balloons.IO: Open Source Multi-Room Chat Server and Client Built using Node.js, Express, and Redis.
Benchmark.js: Robust Benchmarking Library A robust benchmarking library that works on nearly all JavaScript platforms, supports high-resolution timers, and returns statistically significant results.
Selene: An Attractive jQuery UI Theme
jquery-handsontable: Minimalist Excel-Like Table Editor for jQuery
buildr for jQuery: Code As Your Template buildr presents a way to declare markup using JavaScript code. It's based on an approach popularized by why the lucky stiff's Markaby.
dontbreakme: A Responsively Designed Backbone App Sample Project A sample project launched to show off the architecture and design of a responsive Backbone app.
on{X}: Extending an Android Phone's Capabilities with JavaScript on{X} lets you remotely program, control and extend the capabilities of an Android phone using a JavaScript API.
Last but not least..
Proxino: Monitor and Log Client-Side JavaScript Exceptions and Log Messages It's a commercial service but can be tried on your dev machine for free. An interesting idea.
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