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JavaScript Weekly Issue 83
June 15, 2012
Sorry for the lateness - last day of vacation and the Internet had barely been invented where we were so I decided to wait until we'd got home ;-) Thankfully no more late week travel planned for the next few months - hurrah! - Peter.
Node 0.7.10 Released; 0.8 Promised Next Week The second-to-last release on the unstable 0.7 branch with version 0.8 (stable) promised to arrive (based upon the new developments in 0.7.x) next week. 2012's Call For Speakers Want to speak at the forthcoming (in Australia) or have someone you want to see speaking there? Fill out this form by July 1st.
DotJS: The Largest JavaScript Conference in France (November 30, Paris)
A new JavaScript conference, this time in France. At 100 euro, it's good value, and they have an impressive roster of speakers already (including Mr.doob!) I'm told code JSWEEKLY will get you 10% off until June 22nd (no benefit to me, but they were kind enough to offer it).
Node.js meet WebMatrix: An IDE for Node Microsoft's free Web developer focused IDE introduces Node.js support, making it an interesting IDE choice for Node devs. This post gives a tour.
YUI 3.6.0 Preview Release 2 Now Available The final 'general availability' version is due July 31.
From Our Sponsor
Digesting JavaScript MVC: Pattern Abuse Or Evolution? An interesting slide deck by Addy Osmani about the various meanings of 'MVC' and how different MVC patterns work in various JavaScript frameworks.
Advances in JavaScript Performance in IE10 and Windows 8 Microsoft is placing quite a few bets on JavaScript with Windows 8 and IE10, and performance has become a big issue. Program Manager Andrew Miadowicz goes into detail about IE10 and the Chakra engine's performance improvements of late.
Building The Next SoundCloud An outline of SoundCloud's (a popular music hosting site) new front-end architecture, including Backbone.js, Handlebars, AMD modules, and componentized views.
Conditional Loading with YepNope A look at using YepNope.js to load external scripts conditionally.
CoffeeScript Pull Request: Allow Dashes in Identifiers It was eventually closed but this intriguing pull request on the CoffeeScript project showed just how unreadable it could have become..
Using ES6 With Node.js Just a simple example of using es6-shim with Node.js to play with certain ES6 features right now. Very simple, but handy if you hadn't heard of es6-shim before.
Code and Libraries
Shumway: A JavaScript Flash VM and Runtime from Mozilla A Mozilla-backed project to build an efficient SWF/Flash renderer without native code assistance/plugins (beyond standard JS + HTML5).
Backbone Aura: Decoupled Backbone.js Architecture for Widget-Based Apps Addy Osmani presents Aura, a decoupled, event-driven architecture on top of Backbone.js for developing widget-based applications.
Introducing the Microsoft Driver for Node.JS for SQL Server Microsoft has unveiled a preview release of their SQL Server driver for Node.js. It enables access to SQL Server and Windows Azure SQL Database from Node apps.
HorizontalNav: jQuery Plugin to Make Horizontal Navigation Go Full Width A jQuery plugin that spans a horizontal navigation to fit the full width of its container. Even has support for responsive designs.
bunyip: Automate Client-Side Unit Testing in Real Browsers An interesting command line based tool (built using Node).
highlight.js: Source Code Highlighting Library The recently released version 0.7 now supports node.js too, so you can do server side highlighting as well as client side. It now supports 51 languages and has 20 style themes.
Blade: Tools to Convert C# Code to JavaScript Blade is an add-on for Visual Studio 2010. You start by creating a Blade Class Library project, similar to a standard C# Class Library, but your C# gets translated to JS.
PackageStore: Flexible (and Encrypted) Storage of Data in localStorage A JavaScript library that can flexibly store data in a secure manner using the same interface as localStorage. Optionally, the data can be encrypted with the algorithm of your choice.
Jojo: A 10 Second Blog Engine for Hackers (in JavaScript)
node-email-templates: E-mail Rendering and Inline CSS from Node A Node module for rendering e-mails with EJS templates and e-mail-friendly inline CSS using 'juice'.
Cachelicious: Node.js File Stream Cacher and HTTP Cache Server
Monterey.js: Minimal OO and Functional Toolkit for ES5 JavaScript
JavaScript / Front End Developer at CrowdTwist (NYC) CrowdTwist provides the most advanced Customer Relationship & Loyalty Platform on the planet for leading brands such as Pepsi, Miami Dolphins, Sony Music & more. We're looking for talented engineers to help build the next evolution of our product.
Love JavaScript? Join us at Torbit! (Bay Area, CA) Want to do cool stuff with JavaScript at a hot performance startup? Interested in making the Internet faster? Join us at Torbit!
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Last but not least..
jQuery 1.8 To Support Custom Builds with Optional Modules It's not out yet, but a key part of jQuery 1.8 (and the current 'edge' version) is it'll support creating special builds that can optionally include or exclude any of several key modules. Want a lighter weight jQuery 1.8? You can have it.
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