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JavaScript Weekly Issue 84
June 22, 2012
Welcome to issue 84 of JavaScript Weekly. A new stable release of Node, 0.8.0, is expected to be released today but.. I can't delay publication any longer :-) If Node 0.8 interests you, keep an eye on or @JavaScriptDaily - Peter.
Google Releases AngularJS 1.0: A Framework for 'Better Web Templating'
AngularJS is an interesting new framework that 'extends' HTML's syntax to let you specify data bindings and other functionality right in regular HTML code. There's somewhat more to it than that, but this is an interesting new technology.
Third-Party JavaScript - The Book
Not due for a print release till October, 'Third-Party JavaScript' by Ben Vinegar and Anton Kovalyov (both of Disqus) is now available in full as an electronic 'early release edition.'
Node.js Blog Gets A Redesign; 0.8 Due Any Moment Now..
From Our Sponsor
Introducing FLAC.js: A Pure JavaScript FLAC Decoder FLAC is a popular 'Free Lossless Audio Codec' and as Broadway can decode H264 in pure JavaScript, FLAC.js does the same for FLAC. It's built around the Aurora.js framework that makes writing audio decoders in JS simpler.
'null' and 'typeof' Kiro Risk looks at the implementation of the 'typeof' operator in V8 and asks why 'typeof null' returns 'object'.
The 'Existential Operator': A Strawman Proposal for ECMAScript From the ES Wiki comes a proposal that augments the 'default operator (??)' proposal by adding syntax to avoid accessing a missing property, specifically '?' for getting and setting a property from a reference base that might be undefined or null.
Sending E-mails With Node and NodeMailer A demonstration of sending a template based e-mail from a Node.js script using Nodemailer. (Heavy on the CoffeeScript but applies to JS too.)
Sequence Diagrams for Asynchronous Flows in Node.js
Node API Changes Between 0.6 and 0.8
Writing an AngularJS App with an Express + Node.js Backend
Built with AngularJS: A Showcase of Sites Built with AngularJS
Videos and Media
localStorage and Store.js Screencast An 8 minute screencast demonstrating localStorage and how to use it, along with 'store.js', a library that abstracts localStorage and provides fallbacks.
Code and Libraries
qooxdoo 2.0 Released qooxdoo is a universal JavaScript framework with a coherent set of individual components and a powerful toolchain for building anything from rich, native-like apps mobile apps to lightweight single-page webapps.
Introducing Gladius 0.2: Mozilla's JS Game Engine
Complexify: jQuery Plugin to Show Password 'Complexity'
Number-Script: Ordinal JavaScript Take this with tongue in cheek, but a little number-based language that 'compiles' to JavaScript. No semicolons, no significant whitespace, no operators..
Orpheus: A CoffeeScript Object Model for Redis
JSTableView: Smooth, High Performance 'Long, Scrollable Lists' A library for jQTouch projects that brings smooth scrolling to very long table lists. Instead of having the list rendered all at one time in HTML, there's a smaller table with recyclable cells.
jsDraw2DX: SVG Graphics Library for JavaScript Along similar lines to Raphael, a new library that abstracts using SVG and VML to draw vector graphics in the browser.
Backbone UI: Represent Your Backbone Models and Collections As UI Components
Jam: The JavaScript Package Manager The latest in a long line of package managers, Jam is aimed at 'front-end developers who crave maintainable assets'. It uses RequireJS and AMD Modules to package up your libraries/modules of choice.
Peity: Progressive Canvas Pie Charts A simple jQuery plugin that converts an element's content into a simple Canvas-based mini pie, line or bar chart and is compatible with any browser that supports Canvas. Looks nice.
Holder.js: Client Side Image Placeholders
GFACE - UI Engineer Crytek (creator of Far Cry and Crysis) is seeking an experienced UI Engineer passionate about building HTML5 based web applications and components for GFACE. This is a full time position in Germany.
Sr Full Stack JavaScript Engineer @ Good Eggs Come be a bigger part of the movement that's bringing local healthy food to your local community. You'll work with a small, experienced team doing full-stack JavaScript development with technologies like NodeJS, MongoDB, CoffeeScript and Backbone.
Front-End Developer Our Front-end Developers are responsible for the production and testing of website and application interfaces. They create cross-browser solutions that separate structure, presentation, and behavior using semantic markup, CSS, and unobtrusive JavaScript.
HTML5/CSS and JS Developer at SoundCloud (Berlin, Germany)
Last but not least..
Latest Working Draft of (ES6) Published Development on the future ECMAScript 6 continues at a rapid pace and the latest working draft of the spec is now available in DOC and PDF formats.
Jasmine + CoffeeScript + Backbone Workshop in Chicago (June 27-29)
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