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JavaScript Weekly Issue 86
July 6, 2012
Welcome to issue 86 of JavaScript Weekly. I'm experimenting with a few layout changes today - do bear with me :-) - Peter.
jQuery 1.9 and 2.0: The TL;DR Edition After last week's news about the future of jQuery 1.9 and 2.0 (namely, 2.0's dropping of support for IE 6, 7 and 8) there was a lot of misunderstanding. This short post aims to clear up the sticking points.
Breaking the JavaScript Speed Limit with V8 (in 45 Minutes) From Google I/O 2012, a talk by Google V8 tech lead Daniel Clifford on raw JavaScript execution performance and how to leverage V8 to optimize your JavaScript for peak performance. A good talk with lots to learn.
First Production Release of Wakanda Released Wakanda is a full end-to-end JavaScript stack and toolkit (right down to a server, database, and even an IDE) that's been in beta for a while. The first full release is now out.
Node 0.8.1 Released
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How to Build a Phone-Controlled Robot Using Arduino, Twilio and Node.js Instructions for building a basic robot that can be controlled from a phone's keypad using the Twilio telephony service and powered by Node.js and Arduino. A weekend project and a half!
Lazy Parsing in JavaScript Engines Ariya Hidayat digs into how JavaScript parsers can defer the parsing of code in order to improve startup performance. Fun geeky stuff.
Replacing Text in the DOM... Solved? James Padolsey circles around an interesting and common problem before showing off findAndReplaceDOMText, a function that searches for regex matches in a DOM node and wraps all matches (and portions of matches).
Treating JavaScript Like A 30 Year Old Language Starting an article with "I don't like JavaScript" is a brave way for Jeremy Kahn to go, but in this post he shares his love for Google's JavaScript style guide and explains how treating his JavaScript as if it were C works for him.
Working With Large Integers in JavaScript Dr Axel Rauschmayer looks at JavaScript's numerical limitations and demonstrates some workarounds for large integers.
Package Management for the Browser with Jam Jam is a new browser-focused Javascript package manager. This post from the JavaScript Playground shows it off in a practical way.
Automated Cross-Browser JavaScript Testing Bryan Klimt of explains one way to set up automated JavaScript testing using Firefox, Chrome, iOS, Android, and IE on an OS X development machine.
Using Internet Explorer 6 as a Chat Server with Bridge Described as a "a fully-functioning joke", this IE6 based JavaScript chat server shows off Bridge, an RPC messaging framework for building modular, scalable cross-language applications.
Asynchronous Programming and Continuation-Passing Style in JavaScript
The New Sizzle (in jQuery) A run through the improvements in the latest rewrite of Sizzle, jQuery's CSS selector engine.
JavaScript Profiling With The Chrome Developer Tools
5 Awesome AngularJS Features Still not given Google's AngularJS a look? Lukas Ruebbelke tries his best to sell us on it at the high level.
Render Geographic Information in 3D with Three.js and D3.js
Try It Quiet: Rob Conery's Brave, Silent Node.js Talk At the recent Norwegian Developers' Conference, Rob Conery gave a 'silent talk' focused entirely on him live coding an API with Node.js. You can watch the talk here but he also shares some insights on this unusual approach.
JavaScript: Enter The Dragon In 30 minutes, Dmitry Baranovskiy attempts to demystify JavaScript. He walks through 'essential bits' of the language including types, operators, objects and primitives, functions and prototypes. Note: The first few minutes of audio are poor.
Why Your Client-Side Framework Deserves A Build Chain [9 mins]
Breaking the JavaScript Speed Limit with V8 (so good I linked it twice)
Code and Libraries
Select2: A jQuery-Based Replacement for Select Boxes Select2 brings serious additions to your regular drop-down select boxes including searching, remote data sets, infinite scrolling, and tagging.
Mousetrap: Library to Handle Keyboard Shortcuts in JavaScript A simple standalone library with no dependencies for handling keyboard input and shortcuts. I love how the demo highlights the code related to what you pressed.
ddSlick: jQuery Plugin for Custom Dropdowns With Integrated Images Lots of demos and examples to play with here but beware of compatibility.
Batarang: A Chrome Developer Tools Extension for Debugging AngularJS Apps
Pageguide: Create Interactive Guides for Your Page Elements Instead of cluttering your pages with static help messages or explanatory text, add a 'pageguide' and let your users learn about new features and functions. The demo is good.
HTML5 Canvas Experiment: A Flame/Fire Effect Using Particles A simple but striking effect but what I found interesting is you can 'play back' the writing of the code and follow along in its development. An interesting way to learn.
colorjoe: A Scalable Color Picker (Supports Touch and AMD)
JavaScript Engineer (Remote working - within US) JavaScript. HTML5. AMD. Node. Dojo. Mobile. Are you excited about building excellent large scale web apps, contributing to open source projects, and working with a team that loves JavaScript? Contact SitePen today. Master the Code.
JavaScript Engineer at SoundCloud (Berlin, Germany) SoundCloud is looking for an awesome JavaScript Engineer. You've mastered JavaScript and have a serious passion for state of the art web applications. We're pushing modern browsers and HTML5 standards to their limits and we want your help!
JavaScript Guru for Well-Funded Startup in SOMA (SF)
List your job in a future issue of JavaScript Weekly
Last but not least..
Transport Tycoon Ported to JavaScript with Emscripten
OpenTTD, an open source clone of the popular mid 90s sim Transport Tycoon, has been compiled, passed through Emscripten (the LLVM to JavaScript compiler) and now runs direct in the browser.
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