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JavaScript Weekly Issue 87
July 13, 2012
Welcome to issue 87 of JavaScript Weekly on Friday the 13th! Unlucky for some but not for us as it's been a bumper week in the JavaScript world, as you'll see below. Enjoy! - Peter.
jQuery 1.8 Beta 2 Released jQuery 1.8 gets another step closer with this latest beta. Get testing now!
John Resig's Status Update for 'Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja' John Resig, creator of jQuery, started work on an exciting JavaScript book 4 years ago, but it has turned into the Good Vibrations of the JavaScript world with no final release as of yet.
jQuery Conference Toronto Coming in 2013; Register Your Interest Now
Node.js 0.6.20 (maintenance) and 0.8.2 (stable) Released
From our Sponsor
Remaking A Commodore 64 Game in HTML with JavaScript
A gloriously in-depth walkthrough of how Scott Schiller reimplemented an old C64 game using HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript (no Canvas in sight!) There's so much to enjoy here.
AAC.js: The Latest JavaScript Audio Decoder from Labs Labs seem to be on a roll! 3 weeks ago it was FLAC and now you can decode AAC (as used by iTunes) audio files too. I'm hoping they're working on MOD files next ;-)
Hardening Node.js for Production: Using Nginx to Avoid Node.js Load
X-Tag (or How to Cut Your HTML in Half by Adding 28 Lines Of JS) X-Tag is a library that makes it easy to implement custom elements on pages.
Dropping jQuery UI, and Refactoring Backbone.js Views
JavaScript Game Code Organization Code organization tips and tricks Greg Smith of Bocoup has picked up while building HTML5 games.
Preparing Yourself for Modern JavaScript Development Justin Etheredge takes a high level run through various JavaScript topics he thinks entry level JS devs 'should understand before they [..] try to tackle something like Backbone.js.'
How I Learned Backbone.js, Three.js and GLSL in One Week A walkthrough of how a developer built a first person shooter in a week using Backbone, Three.js (WebGL library) and GLSL (shaders used with WebGL). The end result is open source. I really enjoyed this.
Backbone App Walkthrough: A Series on YouTube Joe Zim is recording a series of screencasts about building a Backbone.js app from scratch and sharing them on YouTube. Audio not great but otherwise well recorded videos. And you can't complain about the price!
Realtime Visualizations with D3 and Backbone.js Andrew Cholakian covers the basics of D3 (an awesome data visualization library) and best practices for integrating D3 visualizations with Backbone.js and realtime WebSocket data. Only 20 minutes too.
A PeepCode Play by Play with Yehuda Katz of Ember.js PeepCode, the screencast publisher, has released an hour long cast where Yehuda Katz builds a front end for a Rails app using Ember.js. If you want to see how the master builds his own Ember apps, start here (yesh, it costs money).
Code and Libraries
NoFlo: Visual, Flow-Based Programming for Node.js A JavaScript implementation of Flow-Based Programming (FBP), a way of separating the control flow of software from the software logic.
Brain: A JavaScript Neural Network Library Elegantly simple with a straightforward example.
Recline.js: Simple Library for Building Data Apps in Pure JS and HTML
Btapp.js: Backbone Library to Access Torque/BitTorrent/uTorrent Clients Provides access to a browser plugin version of uTorrent/BitTorrent via a tree of Backbone Models and Collections.
Rivets.js: Declarative HTML + JS Data Binding A declarative data binding library that plays well with existing frameworks.
sloth.js: A Lazy JavaScript Iterator Library A lazy iterator library for JavaScript that simplifies highly efficient composed operations for querying JavaScript collections via a simple iterator protocol.
Maria: Yet Another MVC Framework? Not Quite.. Sure it bills itself as 'an MVC framework for JavaScript applications' but also 'The real MVC. The Smalltalk MVC. The Gang of Four MVC.'
HubInfo: A Github Repo Widget A jQuery plugin that shows up-to-date information about your GitHub repo on a page.
JavaScript Engineer (Cambridge, MA) At Swoop we are pushing the limits of single page cross domain web application development. Not only does our code need to run correctly, but it needs to run in some of the most hostile environments on the web: other people's web pages.
UI Software Engineer (Santa Barbara, CA) Why get a JOB when you can play in paradise? Ontraport is looking for smart likeminded people to join our team of innovators. Work in a beautiful environment that focuses on collaboration encouraging all employees to voice their ideas and perspectives.
Front-end engineer at Webdoc SA [Lausanne, Switzerland]
Last but not least..
Node.js-Powered WiFi-Extending Robot (Open Sourced Too!)
A wifi-controlled robot for remote operation in hazardous areas where network infrastructure is scarce. Some fun geeky reading here but the interesting part is the robot's code has been open sourced on GitHub.
jsFiddle adds AngularJS Support (Example) You can now easily put together basic AngularJS (Google's new JS framework) apps in the popular sandbox.
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